Monday, 11 April 2016

A crafty weekend away

Last month I was lucky enough to go on a long weekend with some crafty pals! We booked a gorgeous house in the New Forest and met up on the Friday to travel there.  We had a blissful weekend crafting, chatting, eating and shopping. You may know my travelling buddies if you follow any of them on Instagram (@LisaRye and @CoffeeCrazyCrocheter)

Here's our cosy little house -

In-between the knitting, crocheting, cooking and baking - we also dyed some yarn!  Here's how they turned out -

Mine are the 2 on the left, I had so much fun doing these! I really enjoyed doing the purple one as I filled a bowl with the dye, dunked the yarn in and added more dye here and there.  I can't wait to knit both of these up.

I have since bought a few undyed yarn skeins and some dyes, I can't wait to try dyeing some more.

The town we stayed in was Lymington, it was just beautiful, with a lovely little harbour and lots of shops.  We were even lucky enough to catch the Saturday morning market.  There were so many great stalls from bargain fruit and veg to flower and garden stalls.  These blousey blooms caught my eye -

Gutted I could not take any home with me as I was flying!

We had great fun exploring.

There were so many charity shops we even dedicated one afternoon to charity shop shopping!  I got a great selection of books for Joshua. (Ribbons from a market stall.)

The days were mainly spent like this....

...and this.....

You'll see I've taken up sock knitting.  I did plan to do a blog post about this but time really runs away with me now I have yet * another* hobby.

The evenings also looked very similar!

With plenty of foody treats in between crafting sessions.

We opted to do all the cooking ourselves, taking turns to prepare meals and cakes etc.  Lucky there was also an amazing ice cream parlour at the end of the street, of course we sampled a small selection - very yummy.

Here are some more photos of the town, I seemed to be drawn to so many beautiful front doors!

It was great to be away, and to be able to meet up with some friends I've known online for a few years.  We all had such a restful break before returning home to our families (and between the 3 of us we've got 6 children!).

Monday, 29 February 2016

Sewing room reveal!

After my last post I was knee deep in decorating, overseeing carpet laying and furniture building.  I am now pleased to be able to show you the 'ta-da' photos of my finished sewing room!

This is a photo I've taken with the panoramic setting.  To the left is the door (you can just make out my pretty Cath Kinston door knob), and on the right are sliding mirrored wardrobe doors - these house all my fabric.  (The ironing board is only up when I'm sewing as the room is a bit narrow to have it up all the time.) I've always wanted a lovely big bookcase to store all my bits and pieces, and now I have a white 'Billy' from IKEA.  And the desk right under the window.  It's perfect! So big and space for everything I need - sewing machine, and cutting mat, and still room to spare.

How's that for a view? So peaceful, birds fluttering from tree to tree, the sun shines through here all day too!

Here's a closer look at the IKEA Billy bookshelf (doors on the bottom shelves) which holds lists of crafting things - scrapbooking and paper crafts at the top, and packaging essentials at the bottom.  Inside the cupboard are all the not so pretty things that didn't quite make the cut to being on display!

Maximising wall space in here with a couple of wall shelves and these fab rails with baskets underneath (I think they're from IKEA kitchen department).

To the right of my desk, maximising wall space again with a pin board and another rail with hanging basket.  Love this pretty little corner with Mr blue bunny and my gorgeous pastel pink Tulips.

Another day and some more lovely blooms on my windowsill.

Here's a closer look at the Cath Kidston door knob I mentioned.  I got this from E-bay, it's decoupatched with CK papers.  I have a slightly different (but matching) one on the other side of the door.

New sewing room warranted a new, pretty ironing board cover.  This one was a bargain from B & M - at just £2.99!

I also managed to grab one of these cute DAB radios from Aldi last week.

Everything looks so pretty and inspiring in here!  I seem to have a 'thing' for wire baskets and this white one is a new one I bought recently from TKMaxx - I knew it'd be perfect for displaying some pretty wool in.

Coffee break at my new desk!

More wall space used well with a lovely magnet board - this was just a plain board that we've covered with some wallpaper that was left over.  I love everything being so light in this room!  These love heart magnets were some that I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway from Spry Ceramics over on Instagram.  There's an Etsy store here.  (PS I just *love* this photo of Joshua - just look at those luscious locks! They're long gone now - this pic was taken on Shaldon beach, Devon, 2014).

I'm loving my sewing space and find inspiration is flowing, my fabric is all so easily at hand in these great wire drawers (IKEA again!).

Everything seems to look great in this room and the creative juices are flowing! The light is just perfect and the fabrics really seem to come alive. I can't wait to get stuck in!

And one last pic of my fav little corner - and some *more* pretty  Tulips!

Hope you have enjoyed your little tour of my new sewing space :)

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Exciting things to come

After a few unsettled weeks over the beginning of January - messy builders and a very untidy house, the end is now in sight.....Sew Ray Me is getting a sewing room!

I particularly like the sound of an 'atelier' -

  1. a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

Yes...that's where you'll soon find me - in my atelier!

Never did I think we'd ever find the space in our tiny house to fit in an extra room, but we have. Joshua's bedroom has had a new wall put up and had a complete makeover (he loves it). And I now have a little room at the back of the house which will have the sunlight streaming in the window all day long.

As soon as the builders were done, my mum and I spent almost a week solid wallpapering and painting.

Bye bye blue.  Hello light and airy atelier!

I love my grown up wallpaper and new carpet - 

In order to maximise space in such a small room, we had shelves built into the walls, the actual joists are in the shelf uprights!

I can't wait to fill these with all my (pretty) craft books.

I haven't yet 'moved in' - that's happening next week.  The furniture (flat packed from the blue and yellow shop) is being built as I type.  I do, however, have a pretty light shade already put up - 

The light shade is from and I also have a lovely neutral blind from Dunelm Mill

It's all coming together nicely!

Hopefully it shouldn't take me long to move my fabric (actually who am I kidding - that in itself will take most of the week haha!).  I think there will be lots of trips up and down the stairs, and finding lots of things that I'd forgotten about in my tidying up/moving upstairs process.  But I can't wait to be in my new space, and I'm dying to get creating again and playing with some of the new pretty fabrics I've added to my stash lately....

And here's a little peek of what's to come, (and in more gorgeous new fabric combinations!)

I'll be sharing more pics of my new atelier as soon as it's ready!