Friday, 14 January 2011

All snuggly and warm!

I have been planning to make a case for my iPod for a while now, and having finally bought all the necessary bits and pieces I needed for it, here is the finished result -

As usual, I didn't use any instructions for making this - I just made it up as I went along, and probably did things the hard way!  Im sure there is an easier way, if only I'd thought about it properly.  I'll simplify it for next time and once I've mastered making them hopefully I'll be able to put some in my Folksy shop (er, once I've opened it that is). 

Don't you just love wavy ricrac? ....and look - a teeny tiny key fob.  If I attach a small loop inside my handbag to attach the key fob to my iPod will always be exactly where I leave it instead of lying in amongst all the junk in the bottom of my bag.

Just look how cosy and warm my iPod looks inside!

And the best bit? - I managed to make the whole thing during nap time!


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