Monday, 28 February 2011

I have chosen 'The One'!

After much careful deliberation and thought, I have chosen 'The One'.  The one that will keep me warm, the one that looks beautiful, the one that will be with me for years to come.  The QUILT design I have chosen to make for my first quilt (ever) is the Topsy Turvy Quilt (tutorial over at Moda Bakeshop).  Here is the design -

I love the design for many reasons - one being that it's really simple, you can really see each of the fabrics used, but most of all - its WONKY!! This is good news for me as I hate straight lines,  the harder I try to get things sewn up straight the more it looks squint! 

I spent a while yesterday preparing all the fabric - cutting the squares 'wonky' and cutting the strips of the border fabric. 

Wonky squares
Cutting all done!
Once I had cut all the fabrics up, my legs, back, wrists, arms and hands ached!! I used my rotary cutter and new quilting rectangular ruler and it was all really easy to do, but the pressure I was applying to cut through the fabric meant my arms got a really good work out! 

I began sewing the borders onto the squares this morning and did some more during nap time and here's my progress so far -

I am REALLY pleased with how this is looking.  The next step will be to square up these blocks to 12.5" then sew the blocks into rows. 

I spent ages in the fabric shop on Saturday trying to decide what to use for my border colour - the choices I had narrowed down were ivory, cream or silver/grey.  In the end I chose the cream.  It keeps it nice and light and contrasts so well with the colours in the 'Sunkissed' fabric range.  I felt that the silver/grey was a little on the dark side for the quilt top but I might just use it for the backing.  I haven't even begun to think about what to use for the binding.  I think I'm going to end up in the fabric shop with my finished quilt top trying to decide! 


  1. You've chosen a great design for a first quilt! Your progress looks wonderful, I am impressed.

  2. You're quilt looks great already and it's coming along so fast. I've yet to pluck up the nerve to give a quilt a try but may well be inspired now! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


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