Friday, 25 February 2011

Sunkissed Fluff!

My order of fabrics has finally arrived (postage doesn't take that long but I didn't have my Paypal account set up properly which delayed things!).  I am soooooo in love with the Sunkissed layer cake!  I like the Hideaway fabric....I just don't love it quite like I love the Sunkissed....

Both layer cakes have been washed this morning and this is the resulting ball of fluff that was the frayed edges -
That's one big ball of fluff! 

Even the fluff looks all nice and pretty!  The Sunkissed fabric is the chosen one to become my first quilt.  It's a beautiful range of pastels, and the designs on the fabric are gorgeous.  Here's a sample of a few -

This gives a really good idea of how my finished quilt will look, I wanted something with pastels that wouldn't take over the whole room, this combination of colours and patterns is so subtle yet will result in a beautiful quilt.  I can't wait to make a start.  I'll be ironing the fabric as soon as it's dry...then deciding how to cut it up so I can re-assemble it into a quilt top.  I think I'll probably cut each piece into quarters then piece them back together randomly to have a complete chequerboard look.  Nice and simple for my first go. 

This fabric also appears in several colours throughout the layer cake -

Isn't it lovely?  It features definitions of other 'positive' words like life, hope and grow.

I've also been working on some new additions to my Folksy shop.  I have added a few more phone/ipod/gadget cases.  This time I tried some different designs and I'm really pleased with them.  Here's a peek -
Riley Blake Umbrella fabric

Fancy little button

Contrasting lining

Blue and brown Kate Spain 'Verna' fabric

'Purple Passion!'
The first one, (pink one) is my favourite, it was also the most time consuming! I love how the bright pink binding gives it such a sharp, neat look.  I also love the button (of course)! I tried making a couple this time using a button and loop closure,  I'll definitely make some more like this, I think it looks really smart.  Hop on over to my Folksy shop and take a closer look at all of my new additions. 


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