Saturday, 19 March 2011

And for my next project...

No, I haven't finished my quilt yet, but I'm already one step ahead and planning my next project! (Or should that be projects, plural?)  I'm always thinking ahead to what I'm going to make next and there are loads of projects just stored away in my head that I know I'll move on to one day!  There's a short list of them on the right hand side of my blog. 

I've been working on some Easter gifts lately, but I need to turn my attention to  Mother's Day as that's coming up on the 3rd of April.  My mum loves elephants so when I saw this project for an appliqued elephant cushion in an issue of Sew Hip magazine, I knew it would be perfect. 

I sat with my fabrics yesterday and decided which ones to use, I have chosen yellows, oranges and greens, nice and Spring-like!  

I got some Bondaweb (Wonder Under) for my birthday so I'll be putting it to good use and using it for the applique elephants.  I haven't used it before but it'll make the whole process A LOT easier!

While I was looking through my fabrics I also picked out these -

I'm going to make a cushion similar to the elephant one, but with love hearts instead of elephants.  This will be for me - to go on my bed. 

AND, I also have these fabrics ready and waiting to be turned into a cushion for my son -

What I plan on making with this selection of fabrics will be losely based on this cushion which has cute little bunting flaps on it.  I won't be making one exactly like this because I want to use a big square/rectangle of the animal print fabric and use the colours as some bunting and also for a patchwork border. 

I also put these fabulous reds together....but I've no idea what to make with them.  I'll have plenty of time to think about it while I get to work on these other projects!


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