Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another year older

I turned another year older on Friday.  Actually I turned another decade older.  It hurt.

It wasn't the 'big one' but the decade before the big one (30).  I am starting to dislike those two numbers together '3' and '0'.  There was balloons, a banner, badges (plural!), cards....all emblazened with the number 30.  I much preferred the numbers starting with a '2'!

My other half arranged a surprise meal on Friday night and all of my friends were there, it was great, we all had a lovely time.  (I HATE surprises, but I did end up liking this one!)

I didn't get any craft/sewing books for my birthday so I decided to treat myself to some from Amazon.  Hopefully they'll arrive on Monday.  (Unfortunately I won't be home though as I'm being treated to a day out at a Spa...can't wait!)

After a lot of deliberation, I decided upon 3 books. 

Quilting In No Time (Emma Hardy) -

I already have one of the author's other books 'Sewing In No Time' on loan from the library and I really like her style and the projects in the book.  They're all very pretty, so hopefully I'll like this book just as much.  It's full of 'weekend' projects, lots of things that can be made in anything from 1 hour to 2 days.  My kind of projects!

Pretty Little Patchwork (Lark Books) -

I like patchwork.  I like pretty.  Hopefully the book says what it does on the cover! 

The last book I chose is Applique for Little Ones (Sylvie Blondeau) -

This book has some amazing projects - I don't think they need to be confined to 'little ones'!  The range of applique ideas in this book is fantastic and will give me loads of templates for things to make for my little one as he gets older, I'm already thinking about a fabric counting book, lunch bag, placemat....the list will become endless. 

I did also get some sewing bits and pieces from my mum for my birthday.  Bias binding, snaps, fabric, Bondaweb, and some self-cover buttons. 

Birthday goodies
I love this fabric with the tiny rosebuds, here's a closer look -

What pretty fabric.  I only have a fat quarter though so I'll have to use it wisely! 


  1. Happy Birthday! My REALLY big one was at the beginning of March. Numbers I dislike together now include 5 and 0. However, I refuse to feel like it. I got a great read "50 is the new 40" and when you open it, it reads "and I am the new Queen of England." You just have to laugh at it all. The years will pass, it is what we do with our time that counts.
    I love your birthday loot! Treating yourself to presents is the best way to be delighted, if not surprised.
    Have a wonderful year ahead!

  2. That fat quarter print with the rosebuds is beautiful! The Pretty Little Patchwork book looks adorable....if you make the picture on the front post it so we all can see!

  3. Happy birthday to you!

    Have you heard of the book, 'One Yard Wonders'?

    It can be found on for an absolutely cheap price. I highly recommend it to everyone!

    Happy Quilting and Happy Sewing :)

  4. I can't seem to find an email address for you, but just wanted to drop by and say thanks for popping by You had me at bonjour. And of course to wish you Happy Birthday. Oh to be 30 again!

    Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday. I found your blog through That Girl...That Quilt's Photo Show. Jennifer is such a dear and has done a few tutorial to help some of non techy get involved. For just a beginner quilter, your work is wonderful. Jennifer's patterns are really great to work with. I am new to blogging and I feel just like you that no one will come visit me and I await people adding me to their favorite list. I hope you can stop by sometime.
    Don't worry about the birthday years until you get my age and I only live for today or maybe this week. My next big one will be the 7 & 0...don't want to think about it. Have a great week.


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