Thursday, 17 March 2011

Chocolate Alternative

Ok, ok, I know, there's no actual alternative to chocolate, and quite frankly, why would you want an alternative to the best thing on earth??!  What I mean is alternatives to chocolate gifts at Easter! 

I have been doing some 'creative thinking' lately, trying to come up with little ideas for things to make for my baby (18 months old) to give to him as gifts for Easter.  I'm a strict mummy so it's no chocolate for him yet.  You'll have seen in a previous post that I've already made him an Easter bunny.  I have since created a pretty patchwork gift bag, this is the patchwork in progress -

I have included some cute bunting in the design as I've been wanting to make something featuring it for ages!  I'll have to post pictures of the finished bag another day as I haven't taken any photos of the it yet. 

I have been making some other little patchwork pretties (you may notice Sunkissed scraps in this lot) -

I am really starting to like patchwork,  its amazing how you can take some pieces of co-ordinating fabric and turn them into something so beautiful.  There are just so many possibilities of how you can incorporate it in to any type of project at all.  These pieces of patchwork have been turned into hanging hearts. 

Happy Easter Heart

Personalised Easter Heart
 I have also been working on a Mother's Day version which I will post pics of soon. 

I absolutely love the way these hearts have turned out.  I am also placing them in my Folksy shop so that people can buy ones with personalised embroidery with any short phrase or name of their choice. 

I should also maybe admit that I don't really celebrate Easter, but I'm using any opportunity at the moment to get out my fabric, my sewing machine and make something pretty! 


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