Friday, 4 March 2011

Here's one I made earlier...

I thought I'd share with you one of my very first patchwork/quilting projects. 

I'd seen a quilt along over on That Girl... That Quilt and loved the look of the blocks Jennifer was making.  They were cute little wonky blocks.  But on a quilt.  A whole quilt. 

As I had only just started teaching myself to sew there was no way I was confident enough to even think about making a quilt at that stage, so, I decided to tackle the project on a smaller scale.  A much smaller scale.  I made 3 mini wonky blocks....and turned them into a table mat! 

Here's my little project just after I did the quilting. 

And with the binding - which was my first time!  I also used binding which I made myself.  The binding was sewn completely using the sewing machine, this tutorial shows you how its done. 

A close up of the binding
And here's a view of the back - almost as pretty as the front!

Criss-cross quilting

The great thing about this little project was that I used it as a way to 'practice' these blocks, but I also turned them into something that is practical and honestly - we use this placemat almost every day - it sits on the dining table and holds the lasagne dish, or the jam, honey and cream fresh when we have waffles, or the fajita sauces...etc etc.  So useful!

I felt so pleased once I had successfully completed my first proper project that I even emailled Jennifer (That Girl...) to show her what I'd made using her easy peasy tutorial.  And guess what?  She did a blog post - about ME!  I was so excited!  So many of her fantastic readers left comments on my work and they were all so encouraging.  It was lovely that all of these people (complete strangers) had taken the time to leave me such kind words, they really meant a lot to me and gave me the confidence to carry on making things.  You can read the blog post here.

Remember - that little bit of encouragement and praise you give someone, will mean far more to them than you'll ever know. 


  1. Very cute! Following you now! Can't wait to see what you make next. :)


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