Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Introducing 'My First Quilt'!

Finally, the time has come for me to unveil my FINISHED quilt!  I must admit that towards the end I did put off finishing it, the quilting took so long that I got a bit fed up of looking at it unfinished!  I bit the bullet and got the binding cut (from a lovely pale yellow child's bed sheet!), trimmed the edges of the quilt and got to work machine sewing the binding on yesterday. 

What a great feeling to see the completed quilt coming out of the other side of my sewing machine!  Once it was complete all I had to do was wash it and hang it outside for those classic 'quilt on washing line' photos.  There may be far too many photos in this blog post but I don't care, I want to show off my quilt from every angle!

Here it is -
Wonky Squares Quilt

Close up of quilting lines on the front
In terms of quilting this quilt, it was a bit tricky since the squares were all wonky!  I quilted using sort-of straight lines (I just fed the quilt through the machine in an 'organic' fashion) and went through each border with quite a few lines of quilting til it looked filled up!  I then did the same in the other direction so it is criss-cross.   I quilted squares inside squares around the outside of the quilt only.  It would have been very difficult to do this on all the squares in the middle of the quilt due to the small size of my machine and the huge size of my quilt, turning the quilt would have been impossible.  Here's a close up of some of those squares inside squares -

For the back of the quilt I chose a silver-gray coloured fabric and did 1 line of wonky squares completed with a coloured 'extra' border.  I love the back!

You can see the quilting lines really clearly on the back, they really stand out on the solid parts giving a great effect.

Classic 'quilt & cat' shot!

All crinkly and wonderful!

I think this photo is kind of 'artsy' with the sun just shining over the top! Appropriate really since the quilt is made with 'Sunkissed' fabric!  I love it -

Here is another 'classic' quilt photo - the binding from the side, all rolled up -

More quilting detail on the reverse
If you would like to see even more photos of my quilt (and let's face it - who wouldn't!!??) then please click on  my Flickr link on the right-hand side of my blog. 

I can now see why people go on to make quilt after quilt, it's so satisfying seeing something you've made from scratch turn into something so beautiful (and practical!).  I don't think I'll be starting another one just yet though, but hopefully I'll get the chance to make some smaller ones too so I can practice, there were a few wrinkles in this quilt that shouldn't be there, but practice will make perfect.


  1. Ohh, yum! You did a fantastic job! The pieced back is so beautiful! The quilting doesn't look bad at all! Congratulations on a job well done!


  2. Awesome! This looks lovely and cozy. I hope you put a label on the back, noting the date and signing it. It is nice for future generations to see what you did 'way back then.' There are some nice free label templates available on line, and you can print them on those fabric printer sheets.

  3. This is awesome!! You did a wonderful job on every step of this quilt. This is one of my favorite first quilts!

    Jennifer :)

  4. I love your quilt. I love sewing, and seeing this makes me want to try a quilt. Never done one before. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Can't believe how quickly you've got it done. It looks so good, love the way you've quilted it - the not-so-straight lines work really well together.
    I'm inspired, got to get the baby into a good daytime routine so I can have a go at a quilt!

  6. So cute! I'm so glad you sent me the link to your quilt. Do you think it was a good choice to do for your first quilt? Had you done a lot of other sewing prior?


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