Thursday, 10 March 2011

Oops, I nearly forgot...

I just remembered that I gave you a sneak preview of a project I was working on a while back using Little Menagerie fabric and I never actually showed you the finished article!  Well I was making a hot water bottle cover, using the instructions from 'Sew' by Cath Kidston.  

I used the elephant fabric from Little Menagerie for the front of the hot water bottle and quilted it in a criss-cross pattern -

For the back I used stripey blue and white fabric, quilted with straight, horizontal lines along every other white line -  

The opening is secured with a button and loop made from bias binding -

Just look at that gorgeous crinkle!  And I love how the bias binding gives such a neat and professional looking finish to the back of the cover. 

Here's a better look at the elephant fabric -

For the 'in between' layer I actually used a fleece baby blanket.  Not only was this extremely cheap, but it made sense since this is a hot water bottle, so the fleece will make it extra snuggly warm!  I think the fleece added to the crinkly-ness of the quilting especially on the back. 

Did you notice the little tag on the bottom side of the hot water bottle? 

I got these little labels printed (well actually its a big looooooooooooong ribbon).  It says 'Handmade with Love' and  I think it adds a nice special touch to handmade gifts.


  1. Lovely cover, the quilting gives it a lovely texture!


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