Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ready to roll!

So I decided on Sunday that I 'needed' a sewing wrap/roll of some kind so that I could work on some handsewing projects when we go away for the weekend etc.  I wanted something simple that would hold needles, scissors, threads etc, lots of little pockets and perhaps a zipped one... so I grabbed some sewing books off my bookshelf and started my research.  

This book, 'Make Me, I'm Yours...Sewing' had just what I was looking for!  

Say hello to my new sewing roll - 

Allow me to give you the guided tour....

I decided to go for a cream calico background with red accents.  I just bought this brown gingham last week and realised it would look really good with the cream and red.  Starting on the left there's this amazing zip pocket which I absolutely *love*!  It was super easy to make and it looks so smart (in my opinion anyway).  The zip pocket has strips of woven cotton tape down eather side, decorated with a red zig-zag stitch.  (I had to cut a longer zip down to size which I've never done before, but all went OK!)  The left edge of the pocket was sealed down neatly with a strip of red binding tape. 

Next to the pocket we have a neat little pencil/ruler holder.  I used a wide piece of cotton twill tape decorated with this pretty piece of grey heart ribbon. 

Above the pencil holder is a needle catcher.  The instructions were to put a heart here but I decided to make a little 'pillow' stuffed with some wadding as I thought it would be more practical.

At the top of this row is, quite possibly my favourite part -

A little key fob and a loop.  Quite useful for something, I just haven't worked out what yet!  I think I need to find one of those little tape measures on a key ring, then I can attach it to the key fob.  The ribbon was a little scrap which I received in a scrap swap - I think I've put it to extremely good use as it looks really cute here. 

Next up is a pretty polka dot red pocket which has been divided into 3.  Of course some lovely red buttons have been added here, I had to get some buttons in there somewhere :)

Here is the end pocket.  It is actually the outer jacket of the roll folded up and then sewn down to make a long pocket.  I put red binding around the whole roll as per instructions and decided that it would give a neater finish if I added it to the top of this pocket too. 

The outer jacket of the sewing roll is made using 'Crazy Stitch and Flip' patchwork which was made up almost entirely of scraps.  I'm not sure I like the overall look as it's quite 'busy'. 

But I suppose I'll be looking at the inside of it more than the outside when its in use anyway.  And I love the inside!

All filled up and ready to go! 
The one last thing I need to do is attach a button and a piece of ribbon to the outside of the roll so that I can roll it up and keep it closed securely.  I will have a go at using one of the self-cover buttons I received recently for my birthday. 

This was a great project and really didn't take long to make (the crazy patchwork took the longest).  I have learned so many new tricks from making all the pockets that were incorporated in this roll that I'm already thinking of making more in the future for make-up and make-up brushes and/or jewellery. 


  1. That is a great little rollup. You did a lovely job on the tutorial and sewing. I love how you added your own ideas, very creative.

  2. I love it! you added so many personal touches that I would have never thought to add. Great idea on the key fob!


  3. I love it- inside and out! What a fun project! I made a cute pin cushion, and just used it sewing last weekend, and it made my sewing so happy! I think you will find the same with your new roll.

  4. wow! this is so so so pretty! this book sounds really interesting and this project sounds really fun :)
    NIce to meet you! You have a lovely blog full of lovely crafts! Thank you so much for stopping at my blog and for your kind words!

    a big hug


  5. It's great! And I love the ribbons you used. I like the crazy patchwork - it looks so dynamic and in my opinion fits the sewing roll perfectly.


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