Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Some Easter crafting

Well, the quilting of the quilt has begun!  Naively, I thought the construction of the actual quilt top would take the longest, but that took no time at all. 

The piecing of the back of the quilt took some time because I just made it up as I went along, not following any real instructions.  Luckily I had some squares of the Sunkissed layer cake left to use on the back.  Unfortunately they were my 'less preferred' colours (lime green, dark orange) but fortunately I also had 5 squares in different shades of gray.  I used these ones to  make wonky blocks the same as the front of the quilt but I also used some little strips to create a border to go around the border of the wonky row. 

Here's a pic -

Pieced back
I spent a good 2 hours on my hands and knees (back breaking work!) cutting and hand sewing the batting to size, then basting the 3 layers together with safety pins.  I have since spent 2 nap-times quilting the quilt.  Another 1 and I think the quilting will be done, then its onto the final stage of the binding! Phew, what a marathon this is turning into! 

No more quilt pics now until it's ready for it's final unveiling!

Inbetween all the quilting of the past few days, I have taken some time out to work on some other little projects.  I have been thinking about handmade Easter gifts for my son and got to work on a sweet Tilda rabbit.  Here he is -

Don't you just love his dungarees?! I added a few more facial features than the Tilda pattern uses as the poor little bunny didn't have a mouth, so I stitched one on!

The pattern for the Tilda rabbit is from this book (which I'd actually forgotten I had!)

I am linking up to That Girl... That Quilt's Stitchin' Weekend to share these projects that I've been working on this past weekend.

I have quite a few of the Tilda series of books, including Sew Pretty Homestyle, Sew Sunny Homestyle and a couple of the Christmas books.  One of the first sewing projects I made was a little cat from the Sew Pretty Homestyle book.  Here he is -

He even has cute little stripey pyjamas!  Although the patterns in this book are relatively easy, I did find it a bit challenging for my first project.  Lots of little fiddly bits to hand sew, plus lots of curves to sew on the sewing machine (yuck!). I have obviously gotten much more confident with my sewing machine as I found the rabbit so much easier and he was done in no time. 

Yesterday was Pancake Day so, keeping in with tradition, of course we had pancakes for dessert!  I even had a go at making some caremelised bananas (although they turned out more like toffee bananas - rock hard!).


  1. My daughter has "Bunny", her favorite stuffed animal since she was a baby so I'm always love bunnies. Your animals are absolutely adorable!

    The quilt is looking good... basting is my least favorite step but then it's downhill from there!

    Jennifer :)

  2. Aww, I love that little cat. You're sew clever!

  3. Your cat looks great, well done. I am trying to make the cat but am struggling to understand how to assemble the head around the v bit. I have tried looking for a video tutorial but there is not one. I wish somebody would do one .

  4. Liz, look at this!!!


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