Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sunny days of Spring

Scottish Springtime
We've been really luck here in Scotland lately and have had LOTS of sunshine! This makes me really happy. I love that first glimpse of sunshine in the morning, it gives you so much hope for the day. It may not always be all that warm, but wrapping up and heading out to the park or even just out the back door and into the garden is such a nice feeling.

I took advantage of the blue skies and sunshine today and (during nap-time) I managed to get some pretty 'Easter' photos to show off the little Easter bag I made to put my son's Easter gifts in.

Easter goodies
I managed to use a few scraps I had leftover of the Sunkissed layer cake along with a couple of pieces from the Hideaway range and made the patchwork strip, then sewed it between 2 pieces of calico.  I used some really teeny scraps from my scrap basket to make the little bunting which I think is so cute!  I left it 'flappy' to add some nice detail to the bag. 

I used a piece of blue gingham to line the bottom of the bag, just cos I love gingham and thought it'd look good!

Base of bag
I wanted to add some more detail to the patchwork section so I sewed along the top and bottom in a contrasting blue thread and also sewed on a few pretty buttons...

I went with 1 handle so it didn't look too 'girly'.  The bag will come in useful for storing all those bits and pieces children seem to accumulate, in my son's case, not only toys, but the odd clothes peg, freezer bag clip, bottle filled with pasta/lentils/rice (homemade rattle),  he's a little Womble my son. 

I may have made the bag a tad large, considering all I've made to fill it so far are the bunny and the little heart hanger.  I'll have to think of something to bulk it out!


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