Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Top done!

I am very excited to say that I finished sewing my quilt top today!

This is all 30 of the wonky squares.  I soldiered on until they were all sewed into rows....then sewed all the rows together so the quilt top is completely done!

Lets just say we had dinner a little later than usual tonight!  Once I had started sewing I didn't want to stop until I was done.  It has now been ironed and neatly folded, awaiting a visit to the fabric shop tomorrow to see that the backing fabric I am planning to get actually looks ok alongside the top fabrics. 

I have no idea what colour of binding to use, I think I'll wait until I've quilted the quilt and then see what will work as binding. 

I am really surprised with how quickly I'm getting through this quilt,  hopefully if it's finished by the weekend it will only have taken me a week from start to finish.  I already feel such a sense of achievement and can't wait until its completed and I'm snuggled under it watching tv! 


  1. Way to go looks pretty good for your first one...and it is as bright as spring..and your mug rug..pretty that too...


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