Saturday, 2 April 2011

All wrapped up and no-where to go!

Well, my little sewing roll was all rolled up and ready to go on a trip this weekend to Aberdeenshire, along with the next set cushions I am going to hand applique, however, our plans to go away have been thwarted.  We had been driving for half an hour when my little one was violently sick all over himself and his car seat!  It was quicker to come back home than to continue to our destination, so back we came. 

Never mind, I can sit this evening and hand applique the hearts to the centres of these 2 cushions -

I had originally planned to use 9 different print fabrics - these ones -

And arranging the 9 hearts in rows of 3, however, once I had cut out the hearts I decided this look was far too 'busy' so I chose 4 complimentary hearts and put them on a white background and framed the white with some grey left over from my quilt and some lovely raspberry gingham.  Two cushions for our bed, one (hopefully) slightly masculine with the grey border!

I am actually surprised that I am sticking to my 'to do' list and moving onto these pillows straight after having completed the elephant cushion.  Usually I end up going off on a tangent and working on something completely different that pops into my head! 

Since we were originally going away for the weekend I had bought myself a couple of magazines to read - Simply Homemade (which is only on it's second issue). 

This magazine features all different kinds of crafts - including sewing, paper crafts, glasswork, knitting, and crochet to name but a few! Each issue also comes with a free gift (cute stamps and papers last time and stencils with this one).  I've had a flick through and a couple of cute projects caught my eye including these candles -

They are actually shop bought church candles, but the magazine shows you how to decorate them to turn them into an expensive looking gift!  There are also instructions on how to make your own candles from scratch. 

There's also instructions on how to make this pretty bag -

A girl can never have too many bags, right??

I also got 'Ideal Home',

but after having a flick through I think it's a bit too grown up for me! (I thought it would have some crafts, but there doesn't seem to be any.)  However, it did come with the pretty notebook free :)

I did spy within the magazine this fabulous kitchen.....what I wouldn't give for a huge kitchen big enough for an island in the middle of it like this one -

And this beach hut veranda...... which I'd like to escape to and feel the hot sun on  my face as I get on with stitching those hearts to the cushions!


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