Monday, 11 April 2011

Comfy cushions!

Well I cut up my bargain cream fabric find from yesterday's car boot sale and made the lining for my second (grey) cushion and got it all sewn together today.

I quilted this one in the same way as the raspberry cushion - lines around the edge of the white square -

Yesterday afternoon I managed to put together a lovely patchwork back for the cushion using all the scraps from the fabrics used for the front - I really didn't know if I'd have enough, but I just managed it!  I actually really like the back of the cushion .....perhaps more than the front! Isn't that always the case?!

This was my first time at this traditional type of patchwork and I absolutely love how it looks.  I think I'll try more of this in the future.  (I start with the difficult stuff and then go back to basics lol!)  You can almost see at the top of the patchwork there's a grey strip - there's a zip in there!  I decided to use a zip as I thought it would use up less fabric than putting in buttons and having to hem each side along with needing an overlap etc etc. 

Here's the two pillows side by side, as they will be on the bed :)

All in all, a pretty successful project!  (Considering I just made it up as I went along lol)

Now, re yesterday's post about the car boot sale.  I realise that car boot sales are pretty much a 'UK' thing so just to clarify - here's how they work.  You put all your stuff you want to sell in your car and take it to the designated location - usually somewhere with a big car park - i.e. football ground, school, field and you pay an entrance fee.  The cars are parked in rows, you open your boot, set up your stuff (usually on a d-i-y type wall-papering table!  Its probably exactly the same as a 'yard sale' but all the sellers are in the one place.  They're on every weekend during summer here, lots of groups use them for fund-raising, and individuals use them to make some cash on their unwanted goods.  Pretty much anything goes - clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, books, cds, ornaments, jewellery, electrical goods, toiletries, etc etc. 

There's a great post over at verykerryberry explaining it all and she has photos!  Some car boot sales are very serious and the buyers get there at the crack of dawn, others are a bit more relaxed and there's not such a fight for the good stuff! 

Car boot sales have become really popular here probably because there are so many programmes on TV showing what great finds you can get, they're good for antique and vintage finds.  I've a feeling I'm going to get quite addicted to looking for loot at local car boot sales!

Now - the important question is - do I let anyone actually use the new cushions??

I am adding the grey pillow to the Blogger's Pillow Party competition - click on the link below to see all the entries! 
Blogger's Pillow Party


  1. Nice cushions! Thanks for the linky!

  2. Ah, that next one is a difficult decision. Sometimes I cringe when people stick my pillows under their armpits as they lounge on the couch. LOL. Thanks for joining in on the Pillow Party!


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