Saturday, 23 April 2011

Inspiration (Part 1)

It's a particularly dull and rainy Saturday today, it's cold and wet and just generally yucky.

I thought I'd take this time to put down in a couple of blog posts some things that have inspired me lately.  I find that when I see things I like, whether its in shops, other blogs or catalogues, they swim around in my head and eventually get forgotten about if I don't make a note of them.  So consider this a look into my 'ideas' book if you like, somewhere for me to jot down my inspirations, things that I think are particularly pretty, things I want to make, and things that are just generally 'eye candy'. 

We have had LOTS of beautiful weather lately (apart from today that is!) and the garden is absolutely blooming.  It almost feels like summer is here already, colours everywhere along with lush green shrubs and grass.  I was able to take some photos over the past few weeks of some particularly beautiful things out in the garden, and lets face it - who doesn't feel happy looking at bright colourful flowers?

Can you see the Forget-Me-Nots in the middle photo look like a heart shape? I thought that was rather cute! These flowers spread like mad, which is no bad thing in my garden - at lease they stop the weeds from taking over.  Right now its a gorgeous sea of these bright blue pretty faces, but here and there a splash of other colours peek through, including these -

Gorgeous purple pom-poms
Purple and peach Pansies
Hello Daffodil!

And a little multi-coloured windmill - just for fun :)
For some reason, playing about with these flower photos - cropping, making collages etc has taken a VERY long time, so I'll be back another day with another post with things that are inspiring me right now.  I hope you liked seeing some of the beautiful flowers that are in my back garden.  I'm glad I got some good photos of them because within a few weeks these ones will have died back - but some bright new ones will have emerged - I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the Lavender, Roses and Lilies making their appearances next.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I find that the best inspiration is found in the great outdoors :). I also had inspiration from my knockout roses and day lilies! They 'told' me to jump into summer and play with color. Have fun!


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