Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sewing machine basket and a question.....?

Remember the cute little sewing machine I embroidered?  I didn't take much time in setting to work and turning it into a pretty little fabric basket (yes, another one!)  I knew they'd become addictive! 

I decided to funk this one up a bit with some hot pink! The spotty fabric is by Riley Blake and I've added some fuchsia ric-rac and binding around the top of the basket. 

As you can see above, the lining of this basket is white - I've changed the way this basket was made from the tutorial I used for the original baskets I made.  With the original baskets, the lining fabric forms the binding effect, i.e. you don't need to bind them.  However, it's a bit fiddly doing it this way so I think I've simplified the actual construction of the buckets (as long as you don't mind adding the binding as a final step).  I made an inner basket and an outer basket, put the inner inside the outer, then used the binding to secure the 2 together.  (I hope this makes sense!!)  I wanted nice binding, but didn't want to use any of my 'fancy' fabric for the lining - this white lining was actually a bargain find - a massive white cotton table cloth (almost 2 metres square) and it was on sale for £2 at my local supermarket. 

This basket now sits beside my sewing machine when I'm sewing and I can easily throw my spools of thread in here and keep them tidy and clean. 

I have been doing some more little bits of embroidery, I'll post pics of them another day as I haven't got round to photographing them yet. 

Now, just wondering..... would anyone be interested in a swap of some kind?? I keep seeing them all over blog-land, but many of them seem to be for those in the 'closed circle' only!  "You can only take part in this swap if you've taken part in a swap before".  Well....I've never done a swap before....so um, you can see my predicament! 

I don't know what kind of swap, so if you would be interested, please leave me a comment and also let me know if you've any suggestions for what exactly to swap!  It would be nice to make something for someone else, using all of the unique talents we all have, and to look forward to something special coming our way too.  What do you think? 


  1. Great idea Rachael! I'm the same, I keep reading about swaps and thinking how great they are and how much fun it would be to get something through the post that someone has made for you! Count me in anyway! Not sure about topics though...will have a think...

  2. I'd like to if you don't mind another.
    PS I just found your blog and your precious little redhead boy lured me in. :)

  3. If you are interested there is a Brit Quilt Swap just in the organising stages over on Flickr with Brit Quilt. Lots of us are newbies and it is a very friendly relaxed atmosphere. Come join up.


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