Sunday, 10 April 2011

Some car boot sale finds

What a glorious Sunday we have had.  Temperatures were soaring today, 21 degrees was the highest temperature, but it felt far hotter than that in our sun-trap garden.  For the last 5 or so years we seem to have had summer in April - it goes from bitterly cold one week to scorching the next, with everyone digging out their shorts and flip flops (and usually ending up sun burnt!).

We had decided a few weeks ago that we would head off to a car boot sale as soon as they started up again for the season, I wanted to get some outdoor toys for the little one without paying the £40+ price tags in the shops.  I also secretly wanted to see if I could find some of those elusive 'vintage' fabrics that you keep hearing everyone else is finding.  We weren't disappointed! 

Joshua got a great little see-saw for £2! Some books for 10p each and some lovely little toy helicopters and aeroplanes. 

And now for my car boot booty!

I got some great little apron/tabard thingys that are made out of (well I think so) the cutest fabrics.  First up - this one caught my eye -

(This is it washed and hanging on the line to dry - I maybe should've ironed it before taking a photo!)  I really like this fabric, I'm not sure what it'll be cut up and made into, but it is bright and happy and very retro. 

In the same basket of aprons/tablecloths was an apron with this adorable fabric -

It reminds me of the flowery Cath Kidston fabric.  This one has letters which look like they have just been thrown at the fabric as some have stuck the wrong way -

Very cute, I think.  Again, no Idea what to make with this, but it seems to make sense to become a notebook cover or pencil case or something to do with writing!

Here are the two aprons hanging side by side to give you an idea of what they look like (before they're cut up!) 

This next piece of fabric is a huge tablecloth and something just appealed to me about it (it's up there in the photo to the left of the aprons).

I had to take this photo this evening so the light wasn't natural daylight, the background of the fabric is more cream than it appears above which makes the brown print work beautifully. 

This fabric is a lovely medium-weight cotton and I have already thought about making it into a little A-line skirt.  There's a pattern for one in the book '101 Ways to Sew A Metre'

Although my skirt would be longer than this! Much longer!

I also got an enormous piece of cream cotton - ok, so it's a (probably double) fitted bed sheet, but looks brand new and it was only £1!  Just what I need for cushion linings etc.  I got a lovely lacey tablecloth, which sounds horrible and it didn't photograph well at all, but it is really nice and will, hopefully, make a nice trim for something once cut up. 

What do you think of my finds?  And how do I know whether or not to label them as 'vintage' fabrics? I don't really mind,  if I like something, then that's all that matters.  I get bored of seeing the same 'designer' fabrics all over the place all the time.  I'd rather mix my stash up with a bit of this and a bit of that, and the odd bit of something that not many other people will ever have in their stash! 

Now I'm going to pour over my sewing books and hopefully come up with some little makes for my new cute pieces of fabric. 


  1. Nice finds! I love that first one...very retro and smart! Which boot sale did you hit? Been tempted to do the Crail one for a while...

  2. Great car boot finds! I Love those aprons :o)
    I got some good stuff this morning also, see here

  3. Love it!

    Okay, so little ol' American me is confused :). Are car boot sales like yard sales? (Where people sell things they don't want in their yards.)

    Either way, Used fabric items are timeless!

  4. Great finds! The alphabet print is particularly nice

  5. Great finds!, I love picking up a bargain at the boot fairs.

    I must get myself out of my slumber and start attending more boot sales.


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