Saturday, 9 April 2011

An unwelcome visitor

Well, our house has been taken over by Gastroenteritis this past week.  I am glad to say it's on its way out and we are all feeling ok again.  Baby had it first, then I got it with a vengeance, and Daddy has, so far, managed to avoid it. 

I finally felt well enough today to return to my sewing machine (the poor thing has never had such neglect as it has had this past week!).  Remember these cushions I was preparing?  Well I managed to hand applique the hearts on using 2 strands of dark grey thread in a blanket stitch before I got ill.  This afternoon I managed to finish 1 cushion -

I'm really pleased with how this turned out,  I ended up adding a white strip down each side of the front of this one as it ended up a little shorter than it should've!  I think this cushion has a bit of a 'country cottage' look to it. 

After blanket stitching around each heart, I felt the cushion still needed a little 'something'.  So out came the buttons, I was going to sew some in between the hearts, but that just didn't work.  I decided the cushion needed some quilting detail so I stitched straight lines around each side of the white centre. 

It's quite subtle, but I think it really makes a difference and makes the hearts stand out a bit more.  Here's a closer look at those lines -

I had to do a bit of  a patchwork back for this cushion as I didn't have enough of any 1 of the fabrics, it still turned out good though. 

And look! I even sewed my first ever buttonholes!  Not at all as scary as I thought with a button hole foot on my sewing machine.  I've just got to sew on the 3 self-cover buttons that I've covered with the raspberry gingham. 

The cushion is around 22" x 22" and was one of a pair I already owned, but it had an awful plain pink cover on it that just wouldn't stay on!  Hence the introduction of buttons on this cover.  I may manage to get the other cushion finished off tomorrow - if I can find enough scraps to put together the back! 

And did you notice what a great background my quilt makes for my cushion?? (The grey on the cushion is the remainder of the grey I used for the back of the quilt)

P.S.  Welcome to all my new followers!  I am very excited to have reached double figures lol!

Oh, and my Mum loved the elephant cushion, thanks so much to all of you who left me such lovely comments.


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