Thursday, 28 April 2011

Weekend update

This weekend we are planning to re-create the 'weekend that never was' and heading up to Aberdeenshire tomorrow to stay with the in-laws for a couple of days.  I may be a bit quiet as we usually take a 'No Technology' oath when we have these weekend breaks - no computer, no I-pod (me), no I-pad (him), no mobile phones (both of us).  This was primarily the reason my sewing roll was created.  Last time I planned to do some hand sewing and applique the hearts onto my 2 love heart cushions.  For this weekend I was thinking of trying some hexagons.  I'll pack some supplies for this and see whether I get the chance to give them a go. 

I thought I'd share with you some of the goodies I recieved in my order today from, (they don't just sell ribbons, but binding, buttons etc too). 

Don't you just love this 'measuring tape' printed ribbon?? I'll use it very sparingly, just an inch here or there!  It'll be great for 'sewing related' projects, i.e. pin cushion, needlebook, more sewing rolls/little artist's cases.

Some fat little bags of v-e-r-y highly scented lavender, lovely!  Great for scented hangers - I was thinking of making one for my car rather than for wardrobes/drawers etc.

How cute is this little stack of polka dot buttons?  Almost too cute to break open to use!  I will use these very reluctantly since there's only 1 of each colour.  They will be one of those oh-so-pretty things that you own and take out to look at every now and then, then store them away carefully because they're too precious to 'waste'! 

This was also included in my parcel, and made me very happy :)

Do you see those 2 words that made me especially happy?  'I'm' and 'free'!  It's a very generous selection of Easter/Spring ribbons.  And not just rubbishy plain boring ribbons either - these 2 fantastic ones were included amongst some other printed ones -

Very cute ladybirds.

And some very very cute chickens! With a co-ordinating fabric for the back, I think this would look great as a belt for a child, just like my fabric/lace belt I made recently.

Oh, by the way, this post isn't sponsored by Crafty Ribbons, however, Crafty Ribbons, if you're reading this, all offers will be considered lol!  Seriously, if you read this blog often, you'll be well aware of my love of ribbons and especially buttons! 

Now, Easter may well be over, but I have become such a great fan of my homemade Hot Cross Buns* that today, I made a Hot Cross Loaf!

Absolutely delicious - and the perfect size for the toaster, yum!

*I'm not sure if you guys outside of the UK have Hot Cross Buns?  If not, you could try the recipe from here - (although I have never used orange zest - just lemon).


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