Saturday, 7 May 2011

Inspiration (Part 2)

When I'm in need of inspiration, or just 'not in the mood for sewing' (yes, that does happen occasionally!) I love to sit down with a cuppa (during nap time) and spend some time looking through some of my favourite sewing books.  My favourite books have got to be the 'Homestyle' range by Tone Finnanger.

Sew Pretty Homestyle was the fist sewing book I got - way back last November.  I can remember sitting looking every single detail in each page, loving the way each item was displayed within a beautiful house setting.  Wanting to make everything from each page! 

The first thing I decided to make from this book was the cat, you can see him here in a previous blog post.  The fabrics used in these books are also beautiful and so girly and pretty. 

I also love to look through this book by Tone Finnanger -

There's a beach theme running through this book and I love the whole 'beach hut' decor. 

I love to look through books and get inspiration from a design, or the fabric used, and then give it my own twist.  I don't often follow rules to the letter, if I think something needs 'tweeking' I'm not afraid to change it!  I made the little star-fish above, but I added a hanging loop and buttons and an embroidered patch on the front that says 'little star'.  It's a decoration for my little boy's room. 

There's also a Flickr group for readers' creations from this range of books. 

This is also a great book by Cath Kidston - full of very pretty projects, most of which are very useful and I can see myself making a lot from here, (I've already made my own version of the quilted hot water bottle cover). 

I also love to just look at my fabrics and play around with them to see what looks good together.  I often do this with no specific project in  mind, then when I find something I want to make I have all the fabrics grouped together that I know I'll use.  I did this recently with my hexies that I made, I wanted to use those lovely red and white fabrics for ages, but didn't 'need' to make anything.  So as soon as I'd decided I wanted to try some hexies, I headed straight for those red and whites. 

I got some lovely fabrics delivered this weekend, they already look great together -

Vintage Pinks
Vintage Blues
I can already see these 2 sets of fabric making beautiful patchwork cushions.  The pinks especially, remind me of the fabrics used in the Homestyle books. 

I also got these fabrics -

I'm not sure what they'll be made into yet, but they're so pretty! 

When I'm not actually sewing, you can usually find me doing something sewing related, whether it's blogging, browsing other blogs, filling my basket in online fabric stores, leafing through my books or just chatting about projects with friends.  I don't always feel as though I have a million ideas running through my head, so I like to 'remind' myself every now and then of the potential of what I can make by finding ways to inspire myself. 

If you have any great ways of finding inspiration, please share them by leaving a comment!


  1. Yep, I go through times when I don't really feel like sewing. I probably buy about one sewing book per month, and I like to flip through them when I need a bit of a sewing pick me up. The other thing I do (especially when I'm feeling low) is go look at my fave craft/sewing blogs. I also go look at fabric stores (online or real life) - often I'll be inspired by a pattern or fabric, sometimes weeks after I first see it! Just seeing and touching the fabrics out there usually makes me want to lovingly cut them up and put them into something beautiful! That's not much help, is it?
    I do like that Cath Kidston book, and made the little handbag for my sister. so sweet!

  2. I have all the Tilda books, and I have done a lot of the projects in them. I just love them -- simple and elegant! I have a serious Cath Kidston addiction too -- just as well that I can't actually own any of it -- to expensive to ship them to me. However, I can admire from afar. I did get the Sew! book for my birthday and I made the bag on the cover from the kit.


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