Thursday, 26 May 2011


First things first - a hexie update. 

This is what 75 paper pieced hexagons look like!  It doesn't look a lot, but I think it'll almost be enough for a cushion front.  I just need a quiet night in front of the tv to start sewing them together.  This will be the scariest part for me as my hand sewing isn't usually that neat! 

I have been working on some more vintage bunting lately, I had a custom order for a 2m length.

This one is strung together using gorgeous pink gingham binding.  I didn't plan it that way, but as usual, when I go to the fabric shop with something specific in mind (in this case, plain pink binding) it's never in stock!  Luckily I saw this and thought it might work.  I think its even better than the plain pink I used before

I also managed to sneak a few new (but vintage) fabrics in there too - I love this polka dot fabric -

It's probably my favourite - cute, girly, pretty and fun!  These ones in particular are the vintage fabrics, the rest that I used are from my local fabric shop, unbranded, but equally as pretty :)

I also have a custom order for 2 cushions, which is really exciting as I've to design them specifically for my customer.  I can't wait to get looking through fabric and deciding how to sew them.  Log cabin, crazy 9-patch, stripes, squares, wonky star, appliqued shapes..... my head is in overload!  (But in a good way).  I'll keep you updated! 

Has anyone else had problems commenting on blogs lately?  A few times when I've tried to leave comments, it's taken me to a page to sign into Blogger, then just completely kicked me out (and not posted my comment!)  Very frustrating.

Speaking of comments, I'm really grateful to all of YOU who take the time to leave me comments, but I get a little disappointed when I can't reply back to you because you're a 'no-reply blogger'.  This means that blogger doesn't display your email address so I can't contact you.  If you'd like to amend your profile, it's really easy and I'm going to point you to this blog post over at Sew Happy Geek.  (I recently discovered that my settings were also wrong and I too was a no-reply blogger - and wondered why people never acknowledged my comments!) 

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  1. The no-reply bloggers might appreciate a reply on their own blogs. It is also difficult to send you private messages, as use of your own domain name, rather than the blogger platform, means there is no link to your profile / email addy from your blog itself.

  2. The hexies and bunting look great! Hexagons look too complicated for me, but maybe I'll try one day! I know what you mean by no-reply commenter's, sometimes I can't even find a blog to reply on so it makes it really difficult to reply and I feel guilty if I can't find them somehow. :) x

  3. Those hexies: you. gotta. be. crazy! lol!


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