Saturday, 21 May 2011

Some finishes and a new project

My beautiful vintage inspired bunting is finally done, and I have 2 strings of pretty pastel flags - one pink and one blue.

I will be adding these to my Folksy shop soon, and making some more for myself!

As usual, I'm already planning ahead to my next project.

I have been meaning to use my hexies that I made a while ago, but I wasn't sure what to do with them....then I got a new laptop....and so it became obvious that I should use them on a laptop case!

The hexies are all made from different red and white fabrics so I'm going to go with a white background (a bargain table cloth I recently found on sale at the supermarket!), luckily I had a lovely red zip in my box of vintage zips, and I raided my button jar for some lovely red and white ones.

I'm not quite sure how to lay out the design of the case, (the only thing I've worked out is that I'll do a zip along the long edge as my laptop is quite big and I don't think a flap would work as well).  Here are some layouts I've been playing around with -

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
I think I'm leaning to option 1, although it doesn't give the full look of the hexies as they're not sewn together as I feel 'traditionally' they should maybe option 3, but possibly with just 1 fabric along the bottom rather than a patchwork of all 4.  Hmm, decisions, decisions!  I'd like to also do some hand quilting around the outside edge of the hexies (however I finally decide to arrange them). 

I like having projects like this on the go, because its something for me and something that I'll use on a regular basis.  I feel so enthusiastic about getting it 'just right', but that also means that I'll spend way too long over-analysing every little detail!  It feels great designing and making something practical that I know I'll use all the time, (like my sewing rool wrap and my travel sewing roll). 

It's a busy weekend for local car boot sales too, we visited 2 this morning in 2 local villages.  There were no fabrics though :(  but we did find lots of lovely toys for Joshua (he got a slide for the garden, a little play kitchen, some dvds and a fire engine book).  There's another car boot sale tomorrow so fingers crossed the weather holds out...and that someone is selling some lovely fabric.....!

Here's Joshua enjoying his car boot find!

PS - If you've made any projects using hexies (and you've blogged or posted on Flickr) please leave me a link so I can check them out!  I have a feeling I'll be using them in more projects.


  1. Lovely bunting Rachael! I'll be doing some next as my mum has requested some for her new 'grandchildren' bedroom :) I would go for option 1 on the laptop case two! Or 4, the hexie flower is really nice and you'd get to sew them together too :)

  2. Hi Rachael - thanks for visting my blog and commenting - I hope you liked it!

    I love your bunting - I need to make some for myself too! I like option 1 the best!

    Jewel x

  3. Hi There, love love LOVE your bunting, its so pretty.

    I like option 1 of the hexies too!

    Good luck deciding!

    Rhi x

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your hexies are beautiful, love the reds. They are really addictive, I've been meaning to make an all pinks one for my bed. Lovely blog.
    Kandi x

  5. Hello, check out this one (made quite a while ago, but it is hexies):

  6. Your hexies are lovely! I would love to try a hexie project, but I'm a little intimidated. I think my favorite in option 2, but all of them are pretty.


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