Monday, 2 May 2011

Some hexies and some bargains

We managed to have a lovely weekend away in Aberdeenshire, the weather was amazing, and the views over the hills were stunning, the horizon is spiked with fir trees as far as the eye can see.  Although I forgot the camera so you'll just have to  imagine! The fabrics from this fabric line kept coming to mind every time I saw the fir trees -

Hideaway by Moda
The Hideaway range has somewhat more of a 'Heidi' (from the Alps) theme to it than the Aberdeenshire countryside, but I have a layer cake and kept thinking how great it will be to make Christmas presents for the in-laws using these fabrics!  (They reflect the view from the kitchen window.)

While we were away we were lucky enough to be able to leave baby sew ray me with his Grandma while we did some shopping in Aberdeen.  I had a very leisurely browse around Hobbycraft, where I saw lots of lovely fabrics - mainly Amy Butler (and all with Amy Butler price tags!).  I did however, manage to find the latest copy of this magazine -

It also came with some fabric scraps to make a little fabric monster softie. Monsters and robots seem to be popping up everywhere lately - I'm glad that there are now more and more things to make for little boys! 

There are also a couple of lovely projects using the Union Jack - I quite fancy trying a cushion like this -

And a cute little key ring -

This was an expensive magazine and I am slightly disappointed that there are FOUR projects in it that are already in books I own!  As far as I'm concerned, I buy a magazine to see new things, I do think it's a bit cheeky to charge so much for a magazine when it doesn't even contain 'exclusive' projects.

As hoped, while I was away I did manage to have a go at making some hexagons!  I was expecting them to be really difficult but they were soooooooo easy.  I think there's such a stigma attached to making them because there are so many stages - cutting out the paper pieces, cutting out a (slightly larger) template, cutting out the fabric, hand sewing the fabric around the paper, and then finally
hand sewing the hexagons together!  OK, so when I put it like this they are quite time consuming, but lets face it, most of us are guilty of sitting down in front of the tv each night and not doing much else - a few of these can easily be made during your favourite half-hour soap!  I will definitely try out some more, but for now, here's what I ended up with after sewing for about an hour on Saturday night -

I haven't sewn them together yet as I've no idea what I'll make with them (surprise, surprise!).  But it was fun playing with them :) 

I also got some great bargains - square cushions with removable zipped covers for £1 each (brand new from Primark).  This was a great find for me as we have just painted our dining room wall a very pale green colour and I'm planning to make new dining chair covers and curtains.  I'll use the cushion pads and box the corners and then make cushion covers for them using these fabrics I picked up today at Dunelm Mill -

I'm also thinking of using a combination of these 2 fabrics for curtains, perhaps the linen look one at the top with a stripey block at the bottom. 

We got this lovely driftwood heart in Aberdeen too, perfect for our newly painted kitchen wall (the pale green hasn't come out in this photo at all - even though it was broad day-light when I took it!) -

One last hexie picture, just cos they're so cute - I think they look like little dancing toadstools in this photo!


  1. Thanks for letting me know what was in the mag. I got away and for a bit this weekend myself. We were picking up my daughter's things at university. I was even treated to a trip to the local quilt shop! I got a fat quarter of Amy Butler fabric which was $1 more expensive than all other Not Amy fabrics ;-] Cheers!

  2. hiya!!!
    sorry for late reply ( I have been in a pc/internet break during easter/royal wedding etc.)
    thank you for your lovely comments! Regarding the fabric, I usually buy most of my fabric online, usually, etsy (especially from japan, china, etc.) and dawanda. I don't have any favourite sellers because I always buy where I can find what I am looking for. But etsy is definetely the place to look for nice fabric :)))
    I also had a look at the stitchery you talked me about, they are so so so cute, well done!!!
    a big hug


  3. Oh, I know just how you feel about the magazine - I stopped buying them after I realised that I never actually did any of the projects in them and that if I googled 'union jack quilt block' or whatever I'd probably find a free tutorial!
    Your hexies look lovely - can't wait to see what you make with them!


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