Friday, 13 May 2011

Some more vintage patchwork

During today's nap-time, I managed to whip up this pretty little cushion -

I cut the fabrics last night for the wonky star, (I used this tutorial) and I sewed it together in no time this afternoon.  It looks complicated, but it was really easy and I love the finished effect.  I also like wonky, wonky is good! 

I've used some more vintage fabrics, along with some other 'blues' that were in my stash.  A very pretty combination I think. 

I've quilted the cushion through the star only, I did it freehand which also meant a much quicker process (no re-positioning masking tape after each line!).  I saw a star cushion quilted this way on 'A Moment of Whimsy' and filed it away in my head to try one day!

I backed the cushion with some natural coloured calico and made a hidden zip fastening at the top. 

I really love this cushion, and I've really surprised myself.....why?....because it's BLUE.  I'm a pink person, pink and girly, but when putting the fabrics together for this cushion I tried to look beyond my 'favourites'.  I still chose what I thought was pretty, and of course it's still 'girly'.  It just goes to show that moving away from your comfort zone, thinking from another angle, can work!

But the question I keep it for myself or see if it will sell??

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  1. Hi Rachael!
    The pillow looks great! I like that softer color combination. (I think it was my blog-now I feel famous!)

  2. Beautiful cushion! The blues look lovely together.

  3. Great cushion, the quilting through the star is really effective.

  4. That is some impressive 'whipping up'. Just found your blog and enjoying having a look. I am also a stay at home Mom with 2 little ones, busy life but trying to sew a little here and there. Thx for the inspiration.

  5. So sweet, I sew during naptimes too! I have never seen a wonky star pattern before, the blues are precious! I am having a PILLOW FIGHT on my blog {contest for charity} and would love it if you would consider joining us! Link below!



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