Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Some vintage patchwork

Following the completion of my curtains, I definitely felt it was time to return to some smaller (and quicker) projects. 

Remember the pretty vintage fabric I showed you the other day?

I was itching to get cutting into them and make something so I decided to make some patchwork cushion covers. 

I matched the fabrics up with some already in my stash and ended up with this patchwork square -

I teamed it with some very pretty white lace and some linen-look fabric (left over from the aforementioned curtains)....

And here's how the front of the cushion cover looks -

Click image to see it larger
I quilted the patchwork piece with diagonal lines, and the plain piece of linen-look fabric with vertical lines.  Typically, I didn't have a large enough piece of the linen-look fabric to make the back of the cushion!  I did have enough smaller pieces left to make another cushion front though, this time I wanted to try squares inside squares....

Click image to see it larger

I quilted the whole of this cushion front with diagonal lines.  Hopefully when I visit the fabric shop tomorrow they'll still have the backing fabric in stock (and on SALE!!). 


  1. Wow, that's really pretty! I would love me some of those cushions for my couch! :D


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