Monday, 9 May 2011

Tip top tab top!

I worked like a little Trojan yesterday and got my curtains made for my newly painted dining room. (Yes, both of them, in one day!) 

These were ridiculously easy to make, despite the size of them putting me off!  I like to stick to small projects, so this was really out of my comfort zone.'s how they used to look - dark, brown, with embroidered circles on them...nothing wrong with them, I just wanted to brighten the place up a bit -

You get the idea?  Dull, dull, dull

Lookin' good already!

I am really pleased with how these have turned out, they are just how I wanted them to look (it may be necessary to say that some of my projects don't always turn out as good as they looked in my head!)

I used this tutorial from Kitschy Coo for the curtains, however, I also used the tab top curtain tutorial on the Michael Miller blog (tutorials down the right-hand side) to make the tabs as they were way easier in this version. Whenever I want to make something I look through all the tutorials I can find, then pick out all the best/easiest bits. 

Where the 2 fabrics join on the curtains I top-stitched above and below the join, I think this gives a really nice finish, along with top-stitching all around the outer rectangle of the entire curtain -

I wanted to have lined curtains as these fabrics are both really light in colour and I wanted to hide all the seams, I made good use of the old sheet I got at a car boot sale a few weeks ago, it was perfect!

I was going to make matching tie-backs for these curtains, but I actually think I'll get something like these for tucking them behind, it looks far neater and it won't hide any of the pattern on the curtains.


  1. Ooo! Well done you, you rock! So cute, the stripes are perfect!


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