Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Two down, two to go

I have 2 of my new dining chair cushions made already.  They've been really quick to put together (apart from those pesky zips!) and were very easy to make. 

These are how the bargain cushions looked when I bought them (I actually quite like them so I'll keep the covers and use them one day!) -

And here they are after their 'makeover' -

I had to raid my box of zips (all sorts, all different sizes and colours) for some the right size, I have so far ended up with one pale sage green one and one lilac one!  I have sewn them as 'hidden zips'  - a farily easy way of making a zip nice and neat and concealed - if you don't accidentally catch the ties in the line of sewing when sewing in the zip that is.... My seam ripper has been used on more than one occasion on these 2 cushions alone! 

I absolutely *love* this stripey fabric, I keep thinking of it as 'pale apple and raspberry'.  Yummy colours for my new-look dining room.  I made the ties using bias binding which I've folded in half and sewn to make long strips. 

Two more cushions to go and then it's on to the curtains.  I've found an easy-peasy looking tutorial here which I'll follow. 

Oh and a word of warning - there seems to be a virus of some sort affecting computers - what happens is that you are just browsing through fabric web-sites and then somehow your basket fills up with lovely, pretty fabrics, then a few days later the postman arrives with them.  It's a mystery to me how this happens, but it keeps on happening to me  :-)


  1. I just found you on Cozy Little House....

    I look forward to see what you sew! (and look for ideas)


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