Monday, 16 May 2011

Waste not want not

When I made my wonky star cushion the other day, I didn't realise how un-economical this style of patchwork actually is.  You start of with squares of the coloured fabric which are then sewn and trimmed down to form the points of the star,  hence, lots of off-cuts.  Lots of scraps.....  :)

I love scraps, in my opinion no scrap is too small!  So I sat down at my sewing machine with the scraps trimmed from my wonky star and set about sewing them together.....

I carried on until I'd used up every last piece of scrap!  Then I used tracing paper to make a template....

I used Bondaweb and cut the heart out of my fabric.....and appliqued it onto some backing fabric (along with a ric-rac trim) and created this sweet patchwork heart which will eventually be made into a cushion cover (I think) -

Eventually, the only pile of scrap for the bin was this -

Pretty good going huh?  Making something new from stuff that started off as scrappy wastage.  If you notice my thread catcher above, it's also made from scrappy patchwork :)  You can read more about it here in a previous blog post. 

Every now and then my friend Julie and I have a 'scrap swap', it's great to get someone else's scraps, little pieces that are new to you.  Some of my old scraps have started appearing on Julie's blog too in her latest creations, very exciting!  One woman's scrap is another's treasure and all that lol. 

There is definitely something to be said for being thrifty and imaginative, it's very satisfying. Have you made anything useful/pretty from scraps that were destined for the bin? 


  1. I too am working on a quilt right now with tons of waste. It's just how the pattern is written and had I known I would not have picked it up. It's nice to see how you're using your scraps :)

  2. Wow what a lovely way to use up one's scraps! I really like your choice of white ric rac, it really emphasises the heart shape! Sweet!

  3. This is SOOOOO cute! What a great way to use up odd shaped scraps! Going o have to remember this! :)

  4. It is more than GREAT JOB... not only cute but what a smart way to make a cutest thing... lovely and this is what creativity called....
    Thanks a lot for sharing the idea ...
    Hope you like to visit and love to feel the beauty and fragrance of flowers at

  5. This is beautiful! I love that you were able to use your patchwork scraps to create something else. I love the addition of the ric rac, too.

  6. Your scrappy heart is adorable! Great idea for those loose little scraps.


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