Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

Things have been a bit quiet around my blog this past week, but I promise I haven't been slacking!  There's been a lot happening, and I've been spending almost every nap-time sewing away like mad. 

The first exciting that happened was that I've decided to take action and I'm going to display at a craft fair!!  I'm very excited about this and can't stop thinking about it.  It won't be until August, but that gives me plenty of time to prepare (but in reality its only about 8 weeks away so in crafting terms that's not really that long!).  I'll be making lots of pretty cushions and bunting to take along and some extra little bits and pieces (once I've decided what they'll be!). 

I've also been very busy working on the set of 3 cushions that were recently commissioned.  When my friend saw these cushions that I made a little while ago, she instantly fell in love and decided that ones in this design would be perfect. 

Since I make handmade items, I want them to be unique, so I haven't made them exactly the same, but the ideas and the colours are still similar. I won't be posting photos of the finished cushions just yet as my friend hasn't seen them and I don't want to spoil the surprise...... What's that you say?  Just a little sneaky peek?? Oh, well, go on then......

This is a lovely raspberry shade of pink - but the lighting wasn't so good for taking these pictures! 
The third cushion in the trio will be a smaller cushion in a contrasting colour and with a similar...but different design :)  That's all I'm saying for now, stay tuned for the finished design!

I'll also be sending this gorgeous blue bunting away to its new owner tomorrow (a custom order from my Folksy shop) -

Every time I put together a new combination of fabrics for bunting I love it even more!   I love the blue fabric above with the white stars, very cute. 

I managed to get my (un)willing model to show off his new applique elephant t-shirt for you too, here he is eating pine cones (as you do)....

I must admit, I am rather pleased with my cute elephant! 

Have you seen all the hype about the newest crafty magazine on the block - Mollie Makes?  At first I wasn't prepared to part with £4.99 for yet another magazine to fail to live up to the promises it made....however, I saw an offer for 3 issues for £5 and couldn't resist giving it a go.  Issue 2 arrived through my letterbox on Monday.  The verdict?  I LOVE it!  It's a really lovely magazine, just the kind of thing I'd settle down to read during a rare nap-time when I'm not sewing - I really feel it has a place in today's crafting society - there's vintage, thrifting, re-styling, and new of course. 

There is eye-candy galore throughout this magazine, and I'll be reading through it again with my laptop nearby to check out all the lovely links to fantastic websites and shops.  Looks like there will be a free gift 'kit' with every issue too.   It's really refreshing to see something so different out there, I'm just surprised it hasn't come along sooner. 

Oh, and my favourite part of issue 2?? There's an advert in the book for the newest Tilda book (Tilda's Studio) which will be out in the UK in August!  Can't wait :)

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  1. Oh that's so wonderful! I'm so excited for you! You'll have to take pictures of your booth when you go :).

  2. I just posted but don't know where my comment went!!

    In a nutshell, love pillows, cute elephant, cute baby! and now a follower and a flickr follower!

  3. Wishing you great success with your craft booth! I wonder if Mollie Makes will show up across the pond? Oh dear, another import mag (my favourite lavish expense). I am beyond excited about the new Tilda book. I have it on pre-order right now. Your little model is more adorable than his adorable new T! Have a lovely weekend!


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