Sunday, 26 June 2011

Maybe a silly question...

...and a little celebration. 

I am taking a break from a busy afternoon of sewing (what feels like hundreds!) of bunting flags together..... at least I have all of these to show for my hard work -

Pretty vintage blues
Pretty vintage pinks
I also have flags prepared in funky bright pinks but need to buy funky bright pink binding for stringing them all together.  Another thing to soon tick off my stock list for the craft fair!

But that's not why I'm celebrating!  A little while ago, shortly after I started blogging and getting followers and all that, I started slowly watching my 'daily page views' go up, and up, and up.  And I thought that reaching 1000 was amazing.  And I thought to myself "If I ever get to 10,000 total page views I should do a little giveaway to celebrate..." 

Well guess what?? I've reached 10,000 page views!  I can't believe pages on my blog have been viewed that many times :)   I'm also extremely happy to have so many lovely followers.  I love to receive comments on all the things I blog about too, it's so great to have encouragement and advice from so many of you. 

So, as a thank you, the question I wanted to ask was would you be interested if I held a little giveaway right here on my little old blog?  I'm planning on putting together a little goodie bag (made by me of course) stuffed full to the brim with sewing/crafting goodies including lots of pretty (and useful) haberdashery items, maybe some fabric etc....  (and I AM willing to post overseas).  Just let me know if you'd be interested and I'll put something together and arrange the giveaway soon!  Stay tuned....

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  1. Well done on reaching 10,000 views that is fabulous! I would be interested I love reading your blog everything is so pretty :)


  2. I would definitely be interested, it sounds great!! And well done on 10,000 views - that's amazing!

    Maria x

  3. I'd be very interested! Sounds like a great giveaway! Can't wait! Well done on 10,000 views! Amazing! x

  4. Giveaways to celebrate are a lot of fun. I like stopping by to see what you are up to now and then. I love those little flags -- and I see some Tilda fabric there (sigh). Cheers and I will sign up for a giveaway, but I fear the shipping to Canada would be costly for you...Congratulations on your page views!

  5. I just found your blog this afternoon and so glad to have. :o) I am a new follower.
    You are so sweet to have a give a way. :o)
    Your banners are adorable!!
    A big congratulations on your blog being viewed so much!!
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. Hi, congratulations on your 10,000 views, I have recently started blogging and can't imagine having that many views, your blog is great and have added it to my list and the bunting looks lovely, well done x

  7. Well done! That's a good milestone to celebrate! Your bunting looks very cheerful. :)

  8. Congratulations! I love giveaways, so I'm in!

    Bunting is also on my growing list of things to get done ;)

  9. Definitely interested in a giveaway by you!! Congrats on reaching 10,000 visitors!!


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