Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some new purchases

I thought I'd share some things I've recently bought.  It's only just now that I'm sorting through the photos that I realise just quite how much stuff I've been buying lately!  Somehow, buying things online, especially using Paypal, doesn't quite feel like proper shopping - and you can get carried away quite easily. 

My first purchase this week was some lovely soft wool felt from The Felt Fairy.  I asked for a selection of pretty pastels and these are the gorgeous colours I received -

I also managed a quick dash around the fabric shop this morning - WITHOUT the toddler in tow!  I didn't have much time so I was like a crazed woman trying to grab as much as I could/needed so that I could work on loads of things for the craft fair.  Look what I got -

I got loads of fabric to be turned into bunting, cushions, fabric belts, fabric baskets etc.  I also grabbed all of the bargain zips that were left (20p each!).  I also got some fabulous multi-coloured thread, which I've already teamed up with the wool felt -

I love the rainbow effect it comes out as, its so beautiful!  I think I'll be using this in many more projects to come.  For today, I used it with the wool felt as I have an idea in mind, so watch this space!

Out of my new fabrics, I think these are my favourites (grabbed off the washing line so excuse the wrinkles) -

All of the fabrics I bought are generic brands, nothing fancy, and most of them were between £2.99 and £4.99 per metre.  I bought 1/2 a metre of most of them.  I especially love the butterfly print above - I already have plans to make this into a pretty cushion.  I also got some lovely pink brushed cotton which will be a perfect backing fabric for a snuggly cushion. 

I also decided a while ago that I'd like some labels to sew into my creations.  I couldn't find many places to buy them ready-made so decided to have a go myself.  I got transfer paper for our printer that I could print on, then iron on to fabric.  Here are some I've made so far -

I made an A4 sheet of labels (in hindsight, I could've got far more on a sheet), and for every 1 that worked, there was 1 that didn't.  I'll have another go, filling the sheet to the brim this time, and I'll have to be a bit more precise with the iron timings.  If anyone has any tips, please let me know!!

I think that's all of my purchases for this week,  I'd better stay clear of the fabric shop, Folksy and internet for a little while until my Paypal account and bank account recover! 

I'm also very excited to have been asked to custom make one of my previous projects for a little girl.  I'll show more once it's made and has been sent to the customer.  These are the fabrics I'm thinking of using -

Sorry to be so vague but I as you'll know by now I don't like to give too much away :)

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  1. Such lovely fabric and gorgeous felt!

    The fabric labels look fabulous the hardest thing is getting the iron temperature right and consistent. I found it easier to save materials by making an image in photoshop and copying it lots of times into a word document rather than typing into in the document. It is much easier to squish lots in as you are restricted by things like line spacing.

    I don't know if would work with bigger pieces of fabric but when using cotton twill I found it quicker and more economic to iron it in strips rather than individual labels as the ends tend to be the parts where the heat is inconsistent and it flakes.

  2. A gorgeous selection of fabrics and felt! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it all! The labels look fantastic too, I've never tried using the transfer paper, but it sounds like a good and much cheaper option. Hope you had a great weekend! :) x

  3. I just love your fabrics. Those little animals are as cute as can be!! :o)


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