Thursday, 2 June 2011

Swap Goodies

In my previous post I mentioned a scrap swap that I'd done with my friend Julie.  Well, I said 'swap', but the truth was that I'd received this bag of booty last week -

But being the bad swap partner that I am...I didn't actually getting round to giving Julie hers until today!  I'll let you see what I received first, then show you what I gave to Julie. 

It's great getting a swap package, and I love having a good look at everything inside.  Here are some particular favourites that I got in mine -

Some ribbons - of course ribbons would make me happy :)
A gorgeous red, cream and brown flowery print
Some funky lime green with white dots (already used a bit in Joshua's personalised t-shirt) and a bright pink flowery print
A sweet little cross-stitch bee!  How cute is this??
We've done a couple of swaps now and it's great fun getting little pieces of fabric that you have to be quite imaginative with, especially when it comes to a piece of fabric you love - you want to use it in such a way that it becomes a feature of the finished project. 
I was in the mood for making something this morning (does everyone get like this some days??) so I decided to make a quick little drawstring bag to put the scraps in that I had for Julie - this is what I came up with -

This is just a basic, unlined drawstring bag and it took no time at all to make.  The fabric was part of the free gift with issue 2 of 'Homestyle Sewing' magazine, I just sewed on some pink gingham ribbon to cover the 'join' of the flowery and gingham fabrics and used some pink ribbon as the string in the top casing of the bag. 
I went through my whole scrap basket picking out bits that could be useful to Julie, this was really fun because it was like a little reminder of all the things that I've made - including bits from my scrappy beanbags, toddler beanbag, and fabric bathroom tidies...but to name just a few!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I feel like making things all the time, but then I start something that is more than I wanted so I sometimes don't finish it... I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for all those scraps. Like the bag too! So simple but looks wonderful! I have skirts on the brain lately. And it's a good thing, tomorrow is supposed to be 90 degrees out..90!! Ick! I'm more of a 70's kind of girl. Haven't had time to look at all of your blog yet but have you ever done freezer paper stencils on shirts? Pretty simple with good results (and quick) :)

  2. Great swap idea, looking forward to seeing what all those scraps become! :) x

  3. That is a great idea for a swap it seems such a waste to have all those scraps sitting in a box unused. At least now you have a very pretty bag to keep them in! :)

  4. Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty things} last week!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow! ;)


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