Saturday, 30 July 2011

A crafty display

I've been working on displaying all of my craft fair stock (on the dining room table!). I got a flat, cream, double bed sheet from Primark which I'll be using as a nice plain 'tablecloth' and I'll be using a couple of plastic boxes covered with pretty fabric to prop cushions etc up and display things on top of. The only thing that was causing me a bit of a problem was all the buntings I'd made. (You can see them here and here.)

So 'him indoors' put his thinking cap on and went out to buy some pieces of wood.  He sneaked out the back garden early this morning and after some sawing and drilling, he presented me with my very own bunting display!

The clever thing about this is that there's also some additional hanging space at either end of the rod at the top -

Which is just perfect for hanging my mini-tote bags from!

Well done Jon, you've been promoted to Chief Carpenter ;)

Now all that's left for me to work on is pricing my stock...perhaps the trickiest part of all.  Any advice would be most welcome....

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  1. Can John come to my house! Ah may be that's not fair my hubby is pretty handy, love the bunting display unit!

    Pricing go on etsy check out your peers for guidelines on pricing.


  2. Your stuff looks great, don't know if the link below will help you price it.

  3. Oh it's fab, I hope you've got some spare strips of bunting cos those are bound to sell :)

  4. it's looking good, you must be getting excited! I'm afraid I'm no use on the pricing front, something I need to look into myself too.

  5. Oooo what a fantastic bunting stand! I still want to do a craft fair, but I'm a bit worried, what do you think? Hope it goes well! x

  6. That's nothing short of genius! Afraid I can't really help with the pricing, but perhaps you could try looking online eg Etsy etc for similar things?
    Good luck with it all!
    Emily x

  7. Just found your blog - it's lovely. Craft fairs are funny things- if you hit the right one it will be a great day, if not you will feel as though you have wasted your time and that your goodies aren't good enough. Don't go there - your stuff is beautiful and you are working hard on your display. Pricing is not easy - you have to cover the cost of your materials and something on top for your time, although you never get a great hourly rate! Be sure to value your goodies and charge what they are worth. Have a look around at what others are charging and be sure to factor in your stall costs and petrol costs to get there. The very best of luck!

  8. Great display! More the Merrier Monday will be open until Wednesday at midnight. I would love for you to stop by and link up your crafty display.


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