Saturday, 23 July 2011

Finally something for ME!

**WARNING - this post is seriously heavy on buttons!!**

With all the frantic crafting going on round here lately, I've decided that I'm on top of craft fair stock and so will finally be able to take a breather from the manic sewing! 

I think it's no secret to you all that - I LOVE BUTTONS!! I asked the other day for suggestions on what to do with all of my newly acquired buttons, and a couple of you suggested some button jewellery.  I liked the sound of this!  I especially fancied a bracelet, but thought it seemed way too complicated, until I found this tutorial for easy peasy button bracelets.  So, I spent an evening sewing my buttons onto my elastic, and here's my gorgeous bracelet -

I love it!  I'm also all prepared for sewing a white version tonight.  I'm tempted to even add a few to the craft fair stock.  I'll need lots more buttons for that right??

Well, imagine my delight when I came downstairs this morning to find that the postman had delivered an envelope STUFFED full of buttons!  A Twitter follower had spotted my button love and sent me her collection of buttons!  I was absolutely delighted, here's the lovely lot -

This row of buttons are some of my particular favourites (I'm really loving wooden and metal buttons right now).  Wouldn't these make a fantastic bracelet too?  Talk about random acts of kindness.  This totally made my day thank you Janice :)

And that's not all.....I was passing a few charity shops this afternoon and asked if they had buttons.  In one shop the lady came out from the back with a huge hamper stuffed full of buttons!  I had a good rake through and came home with a couple more buttons to add to my collection -

Again, the row above shows some of my favs.  That big metal one is lovely!  Luckily there were quite a few sets in there so I have a few the same. 

We also managed a trip to IKEA in on Friday.  It was my first time browsing their fabric department and I certainly wasn't disappointed! 

The top one is (I think?) designed by Cath Kidston herself.  In hindsight I wish I'd bought a lot more of it!  The bottom two are actually bed sheets, but for £1.99, that's a lot of great fabric!  I also got these fun/kids fabrics -

I can't wait to start crafting/sewing with this little lot, but I think I'll be slowing down on the sewing for a little while, until my sewing machine recovers from the major overuse it's had lately.  And besides...I've got IKEA wardrobes and sets of drawers to build.......wish me luck!

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  1. Love your button collection(s)!! Lucky you for the special surprise in the mail. You could make pretty barrettes with them, or I've layered different sizes and colors to make flowers-- you could add a flower or flowers to the bracelets, too! Have fun!

  2. Gorgeous, I've got button issues too! I love the bracelet, I have been meaning to make myself one too but never did! I fancy making a button heart with wire, to hang up again it's still on the list.
    Kandi x

  3. love the bracelet, i too can be quite obsessive about buttons, the brighter and funkier the better.xx

  4. Oooo Buttons, love 'em! Button Brooches are cute, and a friend once made me a card with buttons stuck in the shape of a heart which was totally adorable - so much potential!

  5. Buttons are the very best thing in the world. I started to love crafting because my aunt let me rummage endlessly through her button collection when I was just a wee lass. Never left me, that particular obsession! The bracelet is lovely, and good on you for making something for yourself. Happy button hunting!

  6. Love your button collection. The button bracelet is adorable.

  7. Cute - and I love rosalie! :)

  8. Lovely bracelet and awesome fabric finds!

  9. The bracelets are too cute. This looks like a great "busy hands" project while watching a movie or sitting outside around the fire pit with the family. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you for sharing. From one button lover to another. Off to check that tutorial.

  11. Wow that looks great, will have to have a go at that myself :o) I have recently discovered a passion for buttons too

  12. Very cute!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!! I would love it if you joined me again tomorrow! :)


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