Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Holiday handywork

All the sewing supplies I packed for taking on holiday came in very useful, and not just for keeping up with craft fair makes.  I ended up sewing 2 pieces of ribbon to Joshua's hat for ties so that it wouldn't keep flying off his head every time he ran! 

Oh and he just happens to also be wearing the elephant applique t-shirt I recently made him!

I had been planning on making some of these Tilda fabric strawberries for ages - from the 'Sew Pretty Homestyle' book - I just didn't have a 'reason' to make them...until now! 

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I searched the shops for some strawberry scented oil and finally found some!  I did the initial sewing on the sewing machine and took all the pieces, ribbon and stuffing with me on holiday.  I now have a nice 'punnet' of juicy looking and sweet smelling strawberries -

I'm really pleased with how these turned out. Hopefully I'll sell a few too ;)

While I was away I had a go at some 'improv' sewing and made some keyrings -

The two on the right are supposed to be OWLS in case you couldn't tell!  I adapted a pattern in the last issue of Simply Homemade magazine.  I'm not particularly happy with how any of these turned out (maybe the heart is OK) so I may put them in a 'bargain bin' on my craft stall lol! 

I realised that I was completely out of my comfort zone with the hand sewing!  Especially as I didn't have templates, my water soluble fabric pen or bondaweb.....  And I missed my sewing machine way too much!  At least with the sewing machine you can make little things really quickly, but with hand sewing it literally takes hours...and then if you don't like the results, that's a lot of wasted time.  I'm glad I was super organized with the strawberries, I'll have to bear that in mind for future trips. 

Since I've been back, I was quick to get back to the sewing machine and this is a little peek of something I've been working on, I'll show more later in the week -

I also started the preparations for some fabric baskets for the craft fair in bright, funky fabrics -

You can see previous fabric baskets I've made here (for the bathroom) and here for my sewing threads, and also a square version here for some toys!

We're having a little family day out tomorrow so fingers crossed the weather stays dry!  I may even take a little break from sewing as I've been sewing like mad for the past few days, phew!

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  1. thanks so much for popping by my little blog, I love what you've been upto, I made a little batch of those cute strawberries the other day and am planning on making a garland with them. I love the fabric storage boxes - so pretty :)
    Have a great evening xxx

  2. Love those! So timeless and classic! Come see an amazing deck re-do!

  3. LOVE those strawberries!!! Im anticipating the arrival of my book.If your interested heres a swap if your interested to join

    Im a new follower.

  4. I love the strawberries!


  5. fantastic strawberries, i have made a few,they are on my blog.I find them very addictive.

  6. Hi Rachael
    Thanks for the heads up re being a no reply blogger - I thought I'd cracked the problem, but obvs not, which is just ANNOYING. I will follow the link and try to sort it out once and for all. Grrrr
    Love the strawbs - I'm currently making some lavender ones for my wardrobe, using the pattern in Mollie Makes, but I prefer the tops on yours, so I might copy them (tee hee hee!)
    Emily x

  7. Absolutely love those strawberries!

  8. Hi Rachel

    Thanks again for your comments on my blog. Im your newest follower now too! Love the strawberries! You have been very busy by the looks of it. Joshua is a wee cutie!! x

  9. The strawberries are lovely and your little boy is so seet in his hat, elephant t-shirt and huge grin on his face! :) x

  10. Just to let you know, I've just nominated you for an award on my blog :o)

  11. Hi, I just chanced upon your blog.
    Those strawberries are gorgeous!

  12. I too love those strawberries, love the fabrics you've used. And chin-straps are vital on boys hats!


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