Thursday, 21 July 2011

I hope somebody's gonna buy all this stuff!!

Here's the cushion I made based on the same design as the personalised t-shirt I blogged about the other day.  I've used the applique hearts in various fabrics and stitched around them with the sewing machine a few times to outline them.

Applique love heart cushion
I've also put some of the lovely wool felt and buttons that I bought a couple of weeks ago to good use. I've made some mobile phone/iPod touch cases.  (This photo really doesn't do the colour of the wool felt justice!)

Wool felt gadget cases
 They're all lined with really pretty contrasting fabric and a sew, ray, me label of course! -

Spot the one I forgot to put the label in!! Oops :(

AND, I've also made a couple of really simple mini lined tote bags.  I had quite a bit of the heavier weight canvas left from some toddler bean bags I made a while back, so I teamed it with some bright fabrics for lining and handles, and ...

These are 'mini' - either child-size, or for holding small amounts of shopping, books etc.  They're fully lined and I used this tutorial (but made a different size). 

In between all this sewing we did manage a day out last week to a lovely countryside park, and somehow ended up going via a fabric shop (it must've been my inbuilt GPS fabric shop radar!).  Although I didn't actually buy any fabric, I did get this handy little box for all my bobbins -

This means that I can save my sewing machine basket for the larger reels of thread - all these little bobbins were getting lost and tangled at the bottom of it. 


  1. Mmmmm - they're all rather lovely!
    Emily x

  2. My word, you've been a very busy bee, I love all your projects - so beautiful.
    If people have any sense they'll snap everything up and you'll come home a happy lady.
    [If by any chance you dont sell the tote bag with the birds on, pls let me know]
    Have a great evening - Ju x

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I'm sure you're gonna sell it all! Wish you all the best!

  4. Lovely craft fair goodies, and the bobbin box looks very useful..mine always seem to unwind in the bottom of the thread stash!


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