Saturday, 16 July 2011

Some crafty gifts

One of Joshua's friends turned 2 this week so it was the perfect opportunity for me to make something crafty and girly as a gift!  I decided to make a little personalised t-shirt, it was fun to be so girly with my creations for a change.  (You can see the ones I made for my son here and here.)

Here's what I came up with -

The cute gingham hearts have been outlined with dark purple stitching -

I love this effect - it looks like I've doodled around it with a pen!  I think that the dark purple makes them really 'pop' too. 

The pink spotty name is also outlined in the same purple. 

I also gave you a peek at the other gift in my previous blog post, it was actually one of these....

A crayon roll, and as you can see, I have also made a few more for the craft fair. 

The phrase 'more speed, less haste' certainly applied to me this afternoon,  I was so keen to get another cushion made for the craft fair that I ended up not only sewing the actual cover INSIDE OUT, but the wrong size too!  I really should take heed of another saying 'measure twice, cut once'!  I think I can salvadge it, but I may need to buy a smaller cushion pad and just have it as a small square rather than the rectangle it was supposed to be! Grrrrr, what a waste of a 2-hour nap time! 

I did manage to make a cushion yesterday which I'm really pleased with - it features hearts very similar to the t-shirt above and I think it's turned out great.  We are experiencing some very grey weather right now (thunder storms included) so I'll try to get some photos when the sun decides to show it's face again (please be soon!).

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  1. What a gorgeous top - so cute and I love the crayon wraps, I might have to have a go at making one of these as my little one loves to draw and colour - this would make a perfect gift for him. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Take Care - Ju xxx

  2. Gorgeous work as usual! I can't begin to count the vile amount of unpicking I have been doing lately. It is so sad when those things trip us up -- but that is what revisionist sewing is all about. It is a sad statement on my work that I own no fewer than four seam rippers.
    Congrats on your mention in the gallery section of Sew Hip! I love that elephant cushion and its is cool to see your work up in lights! Cheers

  3. Your crayon rolls are so cute! I need to make one for my daughter. She would love it!

  4. Oooo can I be your friend, my kids would love pressies like those! Gorgeous!

  5. Gawjuss - just love those crayon rolls and the T-shirt's beautiful too - clever you!
    Emily x

  6. aw so darling!!!! LOVE THEM! also
    Designer Blogs is doing a giveaway for a free button, if your interested come check it out!

  7. The t-shirt is soooo cute! I'm sure the little girl you made it for absolutely loves it! :-)

  8. I love your crayon rolls, they are really cute!

  9. Very pretty!!
    Thank you for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week as well!


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