Sunday, 7 August 2011

Craft fair success!

The craft fair that I have been working towards for the past 9 weeks(!) finally happened yesterday.  I'm very pleased to say that I had a great time, and I cannot wait til the next one!  It was a really long day as I was up early (and couldn't sleep with excitement the night before), it was a half hour drive to the venue, then half an hour to set up my stall, and then it was open for business! Here's my stall all ready -

I was really pleased to make enough money to cover the cost of my table AND still come home with a bit of  profit :)

According to the organisers, it was a really quiet day in terms of numbers of customers so I'm looking forward to seeing the difference between that and what they'd consider a 'busy' day. 

I'll have to wait a little while before I get confirmation of other dates I can attend, but I'm really looking forward to it, and the initial nervousness has now gone. 

Another great thing is that now I have my stock built up, there won't be so much work involved in preparing for future events.  (Although I will need to start thinking about CHRISTMAS!)

One thing that sold really well yesterday were some little lavender scented hanging hearts.  I did a little bit of embroidery on each one, all different.  This one was a particular favourite of mine -

It'll be hanging in it's new home by now!  I wish my embroidered writing was always this neat too....its the new standard to meet!

I'll take a little time to digest yesterday's craft fair and may post a few tips later on in the week for anyone thinking about taking the plunge to have their own stall at a craft fair.

Here I am on my stall during a quiet moment -

Now that the frantic sewing of 'stock' will ease off, I really must get on with making a cushion that I've been promising Joshua for ages!  I've had the fabric looked out for months and now I have no excuse for not getting on with it.  I also have the other cushions to make for my sofa..... No rest for the wicked ;)

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  1. Congratulations on your success at the craft fair! Well done.

  2. Wow what a lovely craft stall! Well done glad you had a good day! Fi

  3. its a fantastic feeling, isn't it when you have paid for your table, and everything else after is yours.I used to love the craft fairs, well done.xx

  4. Thank you for your visit to my blog. We do have quiche here and as much as I like it, I like this breakfast casserole better. It is denser and more substantial. I love your lavender heart. Lavender is my favorite scent. Congrats on your craft show table. It looks like you had lots of cute things. I am your newest follower.

  5. Your craft stall looks fantastic, glad it went so well! Hope that you have even more success with one of their 'busy' days! :) x

  6. Hi Rachael, Popped over from twitter when I saw you had done a craft fair, stall (and you) look v pretty! We have done a stall today, there doesn't seem to be any rules as to what makes one day better than another, we had good craft selling today but quiet workshops. Good luck with the next one,
    Sarah At CoolCrafting

  7. Well done! The stall looks amazing - you should be really proud of yourself.
    Emily x

  8. Hello, Your crafts were such a joy to see yesterday and I'm hoping a sewing bag will still be available at your next fair :) We are hopefully planning to also go to the next craft fair and hoping for a few more customers :) Fellow crafty friends, Cherry Tree Crafts xx

  9. Stall looks great - making a profit on a slow day is a very good sign too!

  10. Your craft stall looks beautiful, I love the bunting on the back. I'm glad you enjoyed it, congratulations xx

  11. Congrats on the craft fair. They can be so nerve racking. If you get a chance I would love you to link your success story up to More the Merrier Monday. It lasts through Wednesday so you have plenty of time to stop by. See you there.

  12. Woohoo..well done, stall looks fab, and I was just over at the Awkard Niche and saw that you got to hang out with another blogger too, how cool is that?!

  13. Fantastic! Congrats on your first fair! I'm now itching to do my own, but need to build up stock, which like you said is difficult! But thank you for spurring me on! x


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