Wednesday, 3 August 2011

If you're free on Saturday....

I realised that I've talked about the craft fair so much on here over the past few weeks, but I haven't actually told you where it is!  I know a few of you are also from Scotland, so there may be those of you near enough to come along.

It's in West Church Hall, Roseangle opposite Dundee Art College, Perth Road, DUNDEE from 10am til 4pm.  If you manage to come along please stop and say hello, it'd be great to meet fellow bloggers!

Remember these fabrics I showed you a few weeks ago that I bought from Ticketty Boo while on holiday? 

Well, I've finally found the time to make a cushion - for myself!  I've added a few other fabrics that I already had, and made this beautiful quilted patchwork cushion -

I'm planning another couple - rectangular ones to replace the covers on our existing cushions.  The ones I'm planning will be larger blocks of the beige floral fabric and gingham.  I just went off on a tangent making this one - I just felt like some square patchwork today :)


  1. What a lovely cushion! If I was anywhere near Scotland on Saturday I'd come along but it's a bit of a trek from London... I hope it goes really well for you though, enjoy!

  2. Lovely cushion! Wish you luck for the fair!

  3. Best of luck at the fair! If I were in Scotland, and not Canada, I would be a customer. Enjoy!


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