Wednesday, 31 August 2011

I'm still here!

No, in case you were wondering - I haven't fallen off the face of the planet :)

I'm still trying to find the balance between work/life/sewing/me....hopefully I'll get there soon!

I had thought (naively) that I'd still be able to sew in the evenings when I got home from work....little did I know how wrong I'd be.  By the time my days off come round, I have no idea what I'm doing and haven't got any sewing planned, so it all feels very unproductive. 

It hasn't all been neglected though...I have managed to do a little online shopping :)

Wanna see what I've been buying?  Yes? Thought so!

Remember a while back, I won a jelly roll giveaway from SewHappyGeek?  Well, I chose my jelly roll...and since it was coming all the way from The Fat Quarter Shop I thought I might as well order some other fabrics while I was at it :)

Do you have any idea how difficult it was to choose a jelly roll??  This decision took me sooooooo long!  In the end I went with 'Farm Fresh October Afternoon' for Riley Blake Fabrics.  It's got lots of animals on it and some really cute ginghams and polka dots so it'll be really versatile for lots of projects.
Here's the beautiful pile of other fabrics I ordered -

I say pile....what I really mean is 'mountain' :)

Here are some of my favourites -

Isn't this just the coolest??  Now just to decide what to use it for - notebook cover perhaps?  More like 'little black book' cover!

This one is also so cute.  I couldn't resist.  It would make a lovely needle case or sewing roll.

I have been coveting these Ann Kelle owls for aaaaages!  And at USA prices, I just couldn't afford to miss such a bargain.

I also headed to Seamstar this week and placed my first ever order with them for some of their lovely new wool felt.  I chose a little roll of 'wintery' colours, I've got some Christmassy things in mind for making with these lovely colours -

Oh, and some pretty gingham ribbon, cos one can never have enough gingham...or ribbon...

That's all to report for now folks, if anyone has any advice on how to conjure up some extra hours in the day for crafting, please let me know!

I'll try not to leave it so long next time...


  1. I would recommend cancelling sleep :0)
    Gorgeous goodies you have to play with, I look forward to seeing what you turn them all into, I'm sure the fabric will tempt you to get on and make stuff.
    Kandi x

  2. Your fabrics are gorgeous! I would spend hours just looking at it :)

    I often find myself crafting when I should be sleeping. Sleep is for weeds!

    Cant wait to see what you make!

    Rhi x x

  3. I found that winter weekends were the best time for me to get caught up on my sewing when I had little ones at my feet. They became my helpers too! A toddler can chase a piece of thread around the floor for hours before it ends up in the snips jar. Bless! Those lovely fabrics will be a great motivator when everything sorts itself out -- and it will!

  4. Nice information its usefulness..I’ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics. I love the jelly roll too... ooo and the ribbon and felt.


  6. Hmmmm, the elusive extra hours...think we're all looking for those. Perhaps we could just give up sleeping?
    Emily x

  7. Oooh!!! Great fabric choices - I'm very jealous!!! Don't forget to show us all what you end up making with your beautiful bits and pieces! Your felt bundle reminded me that it IS ACTUALLY time to start thinking about making Christmassy things - thank you!


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