Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Last minute stock

...I was going to name this blog post something like 'fabric & buttons' but I think we all know now that those 2 subjects go without saying here on this blog!

Firstly, I've been working on ways to use up some of the lovely buttons in my fabulous stash.  So I've been sat with the glue gun (only 1 minor burn to my fingertip), and I've created these lovelies....

Cute button hair slides
Pretty flower hair slide

And no fridge should be without some button magnets!
These products, along with the key rings I made previously will be the 'pocket money' range on my craft stall! 
Now, addressing the 'fabric' part of my blog post - I ordered some fabrics from the sale section at The Fabric Loft on Sunday.  New fabrics are added to the sale section every Sunday so I've been keeping my eye on this!  Here's what arrived this morning -

I also decided to get a packet of the 'fabulous scraps'.  They certainly lived up to their name!  I got a great selection, they're all so pretty.  The scrap fabrics are the ones in the top row of the above photo - lots of pinks and girly fabrics - just what I asked for :)

I especially LOVE this fabric scrap that I received -

The 'scraps' in this pack are actually fairly decent sizes which is fantastic, I'll definitely be back for more :)  The hardest part will be deciding what to use them for.  The above kitchen one will be great as potholders, oven gloves, perhaps adding a border to a tea towel.... so many possibilities!

PS: Lissy Lou (the winner of my giveaway) if you are reading this could you please email me (rachael@sewrayme.co.uk)  with your address so I can send you your goodies?  There's no contact email address for you on your profile...

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  1. Gorgeous fabric and buttons! The hair grips are lovely too! I bought some fabric from fabric rehab recently (couldn't help myself!), will have to put a post up to show you what I bought! :) x

  2. I'm particularly partial to the magnets, and am envious of your scrap stash, might have to get on over there and have a look too :)

  3. Oh, so sweet! I love the 'pretty flower hair slide'. : )

  4. Oh! Thank you for the mention! The fabrics are very pretty but no prettier than your goodies! My favourite is the clip with the green button. I love green and I can't help it :)

  5. I love the button magnets! What a fun and easy project. Thanks for the idea!

  6. Lovely, lovely things - I'm sure you're going to do brilliantly at your craft fair. I'm feeling pretty inspired by your button goodies. Thank you!
    Emily x
    PS - so pleased I'm not alone in my odd toilet-related dreams!

  7. Hi, making little things to sell at a craft fair is a very clever idea – everyone wants to buy something and everyone can afford something sweet and inexpensive like a hair clip. I also made some for the craft fair I attended recently - I though that even if I don’t sell anything else, just the clips it would be enough to cover the cost of the table and earn me a little profit. They got sold in the first 2 hours. If you would like you can check it here - http://sewandthecity.blogspot.com/2011/08/frankfurt-calling.html


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