Thursday, 11 August 2011

Squeaky clean

You know the best thing about being able to sew? When you decide you need something new - you can just go ahead and make it!  (Within reason that is!)

Take today for example - for years, I've used facial cleaning sponges like these -
But they don't seem to last long and they're not that cheap.  The alternative of course is a flannel face cloth.  Not that pretty though, right?  Hmmm, thinking caps on....and I came up with pretty little facial cloths.

I took one plain, boring face cloth -

Trimmed off all 4 hemmed edges -

Folded in half and cut in 2 -

Quilted each 'square' - (1 straight lines, 1 diagonally)

Added pretty binding (and a hanging loop) -

Enter 2 new facial cloths.  Each one is quilted adding a bit of texture, and thus helping with the ever important 'exfoliation'! 

Aren't they so pretty?!

I made some of these a few months ago and they've been used (and washed!) so many times that they're now all horrible and scuzzy - and I wouldn't even dare show you a photo of them!  Now I've replaced them with these 2 pretty ones and they literally cost about 30p each to make.  If I have to use something - I like it to be pretty :)

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  1. Very cute. I should make myself one, I'm forever nicking my son's bear flannel! Thanks for the idea. :)

  2. For someone who claims to be a novice you seem to be doing pretty ok to me. This is a great idea and so beautifully made. Quilting is something I have yet to discover. Thanks for entering my giveaway.
    Caroline @ redneedle

  3. Clever lady!!!! Very good idea! My beautician(lol) told me to start exfoliating, I am such a cave girl I tell ya, so after the hols I will be prepared!

  4. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and would like to award you The Versatile Blogger Award.
    To find out more about it, please visit
    Thank you and I hope you like it :)

  5. They are super cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I think I might have to make some to go with my SIL's Christmas pressies.


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