Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Too cool for school

I haven't mentioned it on my blog before but I do actually have a 'real job'.  I was lucky enough to be able to take a 2 year break (from working in the office of a nearby primary school) when I had Joshua.  Unfortunately....that 2 years is almost up and I'll return to work on Monday :((((

With the craft fair last weekend, preparing for that has been a very welcome distraction from next week's 'big change'.  I'm fortunate enough to be returning to work only part time (the first half of the week only) so hopefully the days at the end of the week will remain fairly the same as they are now - toddler gymnastics on Thursdays and swimming on Fridays (mummy's sewing time during afternoon naps).  I'll also only work every other Wednesday.

I've tried to make the process a little easier by shopping for some nice new work clothes, buying myself a pretty lunch bag....and the latest 'happy' addition is my pretty patchwork notebook cover!

I chose some funky bright fabrics - some from the lovely selection I received last week from The Fabric Loft, some other newly acquired ones, and a couple from my stash. 

I wanted to show off all of these pretty fabrics so I went for 2.5"  squares -

Sewed them together....(please ignore the horribly wonky top row!)

And voila - a beautiful notebook cover (front and back) -

I found a lovely green button in my collection and added it to the front.  There's also an elastic closure loop which has been sewn inside the back cover -

The loop closure also acts as somewhere to store my pretty new purple pen :)

I also quilted either side of the seams with a pale green thread.  I used some 100% cotton batting behind the patchwork for a slightly 'quilty' look with minimal bulk. 

And that's not all!  I sewed a pretty ribbon to the top (inside) of the cover to act as a page marker (this ribbon was one I received from Julie in our last scrap swap) -

Well, that should brighten up minute taking :)

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  1. Gorgeous! Lovely fabrics - pretty colours and patterns, love it!
    Maria x

  2. Ok, this is adorable! And, I always carry spirals around so this would be perfect!

    Saw you on Tip Junkie!

  3. Great job! What a fantastic way of making use of those little fabric scraps. :-)

  4. Awesome idea! It's beautiful!

  5. Good luck on your return to real job!

  6. I really love these notebook covers!!


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