Monday, 26 September 2011

Christmas designs

I know, I know...for most people September is way too early to be even thinking about Christmas stuff, let alone making it, but for me as a craftster, I feel I need to be prepared and organised...and no last minute sewing until midnight! 

I'll hopefully have a couple of Christmas craft fairs to attend and I'm working on getting my Folksy shop stuffed to the brim with lovely things (as well as making a few special things for friends and family for a proper 'homespun' Christmas!).

I showed you previously some Christmassy applique I was working on in this post.... And here's a pic of what one of them has been turned into -

It's a sweet little drawstring gift bag.  I was thinking these would make a great alternative to the paper gift bags, these are re-usable so can be used to store toys, make up, snacks, nic-naks etc or can be used year after year as gift bags!  This one's a medium sized one measuring approx 7"x8".  I made really tiny ones last year which I filled with chocolates to be hung on the Christmas tree. 

I'm sorry - I know it's far too early for pictures of Christmas trees...

I also made a few bags in larger sizes last year (approx A4 size) specifically for storing my 'special' tree decorations and to keep them safe and clean while they were stored away in the horrible attic!

I've got a few other appliques ready for turning into more medium sized bags, and also a few pretty appliques for making somewhat 'wintery' cushions!  Hopefully I'll also have time to do a few personalised bags for that extra special touch. 

I managed to pick up this little lot today -

I can't wait to sit down and have a play with it all!  The ribbons will look fantastic on the drawstring bags and I think the fabrics would make some gorgeous Christmassy patchwork.... better get it in the washing machine so I can start sewing with it as soon as it's dry!


  1. I LOVE the Christmassy bits and pieces - very jolly bright!!! x

  2. Oooh look at all that ribbon - can I come and play too!!!
    Love the bags too xx

  3. Ribbon is almost as addictive as buttons! Great haul, look forward to seeing what you turn it in to :)

  4. I seriously can't wait to get some of your bags :-D coooommmeeee on payday haha!!

  5. Lovely bags Rachael. That stash of ribbon looks fab too.

  6. Lovely lovely stuff but I can't believe you're thinking about Christmas! You put me to shame, I can't get past the end of the week.... ;)

  7. Some lovely things. Iam your partner for the advent swap, hello.
    Sarah x

  8. I have awarded you "The Versatile Blogger".

    Head on over to my blog to take a look :-)

  9. Those bags a lovely, and I like the idea of them being used for presents and than to keep toys or bits and bobs...fab!

  10. Now I've solved my commenting problem I can say please tell me you use those A4 size bags for more than just storage! They need to be on display (unless your attic is magazine shoot chic)!


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