Sunday, 18 September 2011

Cupcakes and competitions

I can finally share with you all the items that were swapped during the recent 'Cupcake Swap' which was organised by Oh Sew Beautiful.  My partner Debbie and I agreed to post our parcels on Thursday last week.  I was lucky enough that my postie delivered my parcel to me at about 9.30am,  whereas poor Debbie had to wait until 3pm until hers was delivered! 

It was so exciting to receive a lovely parcel in the mail.....wanna see what was inside?

This fantastically useful (and pretty) tin was stuffed full of lovely things,  here's a look at what I received -

There's a cute cupcake cross-stitch wall hanger (this will go in my oh-so-girly walk in wardrobe!), a cute cupcake bracelet, bookmark, cupcake buttons, stickers, drawstring bag and a little toadstool!  There were also a few naughty sweeties and chocolates in there...they certainly helped me get through the craft fair yesterday!  (I'll be doing a post on the craft fair later on in the week.)

There was also a pack of flowery cupcake cases which I've put to good use already -

Some very yummy (and healthy) breakfast banana muffins! 

I can now also show you what I sent to my partner in the swap.  Here it is all wrapped up -

I made the cute little cupcake card - I used to do cardmaking and scrapbooking before I got hooked on sewing!

Here's what's inside the packages (note the patchwork wrapping paper - cute huh?!)

I handmade some items especially for the swap, firstly was the little zip purse featuring an applique cupcake -

It's quite small, so hopefully just the right size for make up or money etc.

Since I knew my partner is an avid baker, I thought it appropriate to make this pot holder using some cupcake fabric I'd bought especially

It's a Martha Stewart design and you can find the tutorial here.  This was really easy to make, and turned out really pretty - but I think I need to work on the neatness of my binding - it didn't seem to want to go round corners very well (it was pre-made shop bought bias binding).  I may even be making a few of these for Christmas presents this year! 

And lastly - I also decorated the envelope!  Did I go too far??

I also thought I'd share with you a couple of competition wins I've had lately!  I found a giveaway via Twitter on The Green Gal's blog.  The prize was a mug.  Not just any mug - but one featuring bunting!  Which was rather appropriate given all the bunting I've made recently.  Well, I was very excited to find out that I won, and here it is, full of some lovely hot tea...

It says on it 'a bunting we will go'.  It is actually becoming one of my new favourite mugs.  Do you ever have to have your tea/coffee out of a certain mug - just cos it tastes better?  Or is it just me who's that weird!??

I also won a little giveaway over at The Krafty Cupcake blog.  I've won a copy of 'Sew' magazine - I've never read this one before so I'm looking forward to reading through it with a nice cuppa in my new mug!

I'd also like to give a little congratulatory shout out to Jenevieve who's just had a little baby boy!  Welcome to baby Oliver and well done to Jenevieve! 

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  1. Wow! What a lot of prettiness - in both parcels!!! The tin is fab - I have a thing for tins! And I love your cute little cupcake purse!!!

    Hope the fair went well - looking forward to hearing all about it (I haven't tried selling at one yet, so I'm hoping to pick up some hot tips)!


  2. There is no such thing as going too far!
    Very pretty and lots of fun for all, too. Have a great week ahead!

  3. What a lovely little tin of goodies! :)I really like the cupcake zippered pouch you made, and the cupcake fabric.
    Hope you week is filled with creative moments! :)

  4. I was just browsing through the nifty thrifty party and the first photo that caught my eye was the fabric cupcake - i love cupcakes...mostly the fabric variety as they are low on calories but still look yummy...what a lovely selection of cupcake goodies!

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  6. I think I love everything in BOTH parcels! Your handmade gifts were lovely...I always think handmade is extra special, with the thought, time and effort that go into each item! (and I also have special for tea and one for's just not the same in any other drinking vessel!) :)


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