Sunday, 4 September 2011

A weekend of W.I.P's

I'm not making very much progress on my sewing projects at the moment, but I do have a growing pile of W.I.P's!  Maybe if I document them here I'll be more likely to get them finished....maybe...
My poor Tilda Angel now has all of her body parts stuffed and attached - and I'm glad to say she's fully dressed. However, she still needs a face, hair and her skirt sewn on...

Here she is, perching so elegantly on the back doorstep (and such shapely legs!).  As you can see, I had a bit of difficulty in getting the shape of the arms correct.  (And they are perhaps sewn on a bit too low!)

My pencil case has been hand quilted around the appliqued flowers, and I've also made a machine quilted back.  I just need to cut a lining, sew on the zip and sew it all together...not a huge amount of work, but I just keep on putting it off!

I've also been asked to make two aprons for little girls.  They are both to be personalised and one of them is to have a crayon pocket on the front.  I've really enjoyed making these (or at least starting to make them!).  It's not something I've made before, but I have made crayon rolls, so it took a bit of head scratching to work out how to combine the two ideas!

This is them half done!

One thing I did make from start to finish today was these -

Some lovely granary rolls for next week's lunches. 

It's a 2 day week for me this week, so I'll be looking forward to Wednesday when it's 'my time' again.  Lots planned for my days off, including collecting some curtains which need taking up (and getting those aprons finished since they're for someone else!) 

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  1. You are working hard. I love your angel. Can't wait to see her face.

  2. Hi, thank you for your kind comments! I love your blog...I read so many posts last night and you make such cute things! I am pleased the fair went well, I also attended one recently, so know what you mean! I like Tilda's creations very much, but never really got enough courage to attempt one. The angel is turning out lovely!

  3. The angel is lovely. I know what you meant about the arms. I did the puffin and the jewellery mannequin. I had to keep pinning and re-pinning the wings or the angel wings until I was happy they were in the correct position to sew them on. Those rolls look amazing! Have a great week!

  4. So much crafty loveliness - and homemade bread into the bargain - yum!
    Emily x

  5. Yummy granny rolls. They look great :o)

    Shelly X

  6. Hello, I've just discovered your blog and I'm now following. Looking forward to seeing the Tilda Angel completed and reading your posts, Justine x

  7. Your Tilda angel is very elegant! How tricky was she to make? I keep looking through my Tilda books and thinking I should have a go at one (they're so gorgeous). But they look really challenging and fiddly! How patient do you have to be? I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your finished angel!!! :-)


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