Sunday, 30 October 2011

Last minute Halloween

The little ones at my son's nursery have been invited to go dressed up for Halloween.  Not being one for 'dressing up' I didn't feel it worthwhile to buy him a costume (and I certainly didn't have time to make anything spectacular!). 

I decided at the last minute to russle something up...luckily I had everything I needed to customise an existing t-shirt of tomorrow, my little pumpkin will be able to wear his newly designed t-shirt -

I hope it looks suitably pumpkin-like??

Luckily he had an orange t-shirt lying around in his drawer and I had some black fabric.  I sketched some shapes onto Bondaweb, stuck them to the fabric and appliqued it to the t-shirt.  And hey presto! Not bad for half an hours work....and it hardly cost a thing ;-)

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  1. Adorable! I did this for myself one year when I was Girl Guide leader. I also made myself a felt pumpkin leaf hat. I sure your little pumpkin will be waay cuter though! Nice job -- Moms are amazing creatures!

  2. He's going to look sooooo cute in that! :-)


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