Friday, 21 October 2011

More personalised t-shirts

I have finally caught up with the many personalised t-shirts that have been ordered over the past month!  As promised, here they are -

First up we have one for 4 year old Emiko (a girl) - this time I was asked to use a darker t-shirt - easier to keep clean!  I managed to get some patchwork into this one -

Another little girl's t-shirt for - Iona -

More patchwork on this one, but you can just make out on the left a gorgeous strip of fuchsia crochet/lacey ribbon, all ruffled and cute!

This next one is for a little boy - Joh -

Funky, bright and fun!

The next two were for a different customer - 1 for her niece Daisy -

I absolutely LOVE this one! So cute and girly. 

And lastly, this one is for baby Alfie, definitely another favourite of mine -

This one is a very pale blue which I think just adds to the cuteness :)

No more t-shirts on the production table at the moment, but LOTS and LOTS of preparation for the forthcoming craft fairs, lots of lovely red felt, red gingham and red polka dots!  I've also been making more stock for the shop that's selling my items so it's all go.  I'll be posting some more pics soon of all of the lovely festive goodies I've been working away on.....


  1. My you have been working hard. They are all lovely but my faves are the last two. Very sweet. Good luck on the preparation for your craft fairs. I am starting to prepare for two I have in December and as they will be my first I have no idea how much I should make so I'm trying to err on the side of caution and make a lot more than I probably need! Keep us posted how you get on. Emma xx

  2. Great ideas, I think Daisy's butterfly is my favourite!

  3. They are all just adorable! I really love that sailboat at the bottom.
    Kandi x

  4. You've been busy!!!
    These are all just soooo cute - especially the butterfly and the little sailing boat!!!
    All those little ones are going to LOVE their new t-shirts!!! :-)


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